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Steven Gerrard exclusive interview: Losing Erling Haaland's Aston Villa boss Diego Carlos and how he can turn it all around | Football News

“He’s very different. A physical specimen,” Steven Gerrard told Sky Sports. He’s talking about Erling Haaland.

“So I hope Pep will let him rest tomorrow (Saturday).”

The Aston Villa manager hasn’t seen many smiles this season, and few expect his side to change when they face Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City at Villa Park on Saturday.

Saturday, September 3rd at 5pm

5:30pm kick off

“Everyone expects them to win this game and win comfortably,” he adds. “Our challenge is to prove the world [wrong].”

There was cautious optimism when Gerrard arrived in Villa in November. In his first managerial position, he won the Rangers’ first league title for the first time in ten years. Villa was in the bottom five, but had money to spend and hoped he could revitalize the club.

Prudence gave way to conviction as he won four of his first six games and lost the remaining two to Liverpool and Man City on odd goals.

It’s been 9 months and my mood has changed.

Four losses in their first five games tested their patience. There was booing when we lost to West Ham last weekend. Gerrard admits he is concerned. But what does he think is wrong with Aston Villa and what should he change?

“We need to stop conceding goals,” he says.

“From a defensive point of view, the effort and application was definitely there. We have a lot of people dying for the cause. Winning certain duels and situations.

“But against these high-level teams, the details matter.”

he has the receipt

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The 2-1 loss to Arsenal on Wednesday night had some examples. “The two goals we conceded, and the many conceded we conceded, were individual faults.”

“It’s about showing your opponent the wrong side, not their weak side.” It is easy to conclude that he is referring to crossing the balls.

“Are you approaching people and closing them, or are you just approaching people and eyeballing them? It’s the last part of these defensive details that you have to get right at the top level. . t, ​​the best player in the world hurts you.

“That’s why we’re where we are today.”

There’s anger there because Gerrard believed he had addressed the team’s defensive weaknesses when he signed famous Sevilla centre-back Diego Carlos for £26m in the summer. injured his Achilles tendon.

“He was brought in for a reason,” says Gerrard.

“It was about strengthening us, helping us, making our defensive line stronger. I knew there was going to be a chance, and it was very important to lose him in the back…”

Villa returned to the transfer market on deadline day, signing Jan Bednarek from Southampton and Leander Dendoncker from Wolves. “Acquiring two newcomers should bring competition for energy, quality and location.”

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Gerrard says Douglas Lewis respects club’s decision to reject Arsenal bid

They are sensible signs and both have considerable experience in the Premier League. But in a way, that’s why time isn’t on Gerrard’s side. Carlos he is 29 and Philippe Coutinho is his 30. Lucas Digne bears some costs as young Matty as his target replacement.

These are not far-future deals, but acquisitions to improve this team today. As a result, there is little willingness among supporters to hear about this personal error. They want to know how Gerrard plans to stop it.

The answer is not coming out of the market now. “I’m glad it’s closed. Until at least January, we’ll know exactly what we’re dealing with. This will give us more clarity.” This means that the team must guide the error of

“You have to keep working, keep giving them the right message, keep training your players, keep putting them in the scenarios they face in the game.

“But individuals also have an obligation to work for the team. We need players who have been here for a period of time to move forward. It’s across the board. It’s the players’ responsibility to do that.” Get out and deliver for us. “

The other side of the pitch requires more fluency.

His tactics have been criticized, with talk of the team being too narrow in midfield. What might once have been heralded as flexibility with results is now interpreted as jumping between formations in search of solutions that never arrive.

“There will always be people who criticize this situation, but I will stand by myself and never stop believing what I believe. I’m not going to drastically change what I believe.” This team has shown they are capable and we believe we can get through it and turn around.”

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Gerrard admitted feeling ‘concerned’ about his position

There was determination, the kind of defiant streak that defined his playing career and helped change the dynamics of power in Scotland. When asked what he could say to his supporters for signs of progress beyond bald stats, he offers no cliches.

“I don’t think the supporters want cheap words at the moment. I think the fans want action and results. Words don’t give it. It’s the performance. It’s the individual moving forward. It’s us. Everyone accepts responsibility and we are the ones who can fix it.

“We need results, we can’t run away from them,” he told the players. Told.

“I don’t think anyone in the game enjoys being on the side of receiving this kind of string of results. I would be lying if I said it was good because it wasn’t. Everyone wants to win. I think everyone wants to feel good and be proud.

“But the only way to get back there is to come together and fight for all the points available. Really show the spirit of siege and togetherness that can get you through this tough time. About me.” It just made me even more determined.

“I know what I signed up for. I knew there were times when we would have to suffer and go through hard times. We’re going through one of those situations. We’re feeling a lot better about ourselves.”

Erling Haaland awaits.

Steven Gerrard challenges Man City

Erling Haaland makes it a slightly different challenge?

“I think so. You need to work hard on this individual. This is easier said than done as it’s the level of player you’re dealing with. He’s a top player, but in this situation If you focus too much on one player, you can ignore the other world-class talent they have.

Planning to push the pitch high or defend it deep?

“Obviously we’re not going to park the bus on the edge of the box, but City do push us into situations like this from time to time and we have to make sure we carry a threat in counter-attack situations. Having the final pass, I think it’s going to be very gung-ho if you press City too high, so you have to get that balance right to make sure you counter-press in certain situations. Hmm.”

Can Villa take encouragement from previous meetings?

“In both city tests that have taken place so far we have had opportunities to score points. [Chukwuemeka]And it was clear that in the 75th minute they were two points behind. But we certainly rocked City and worried them for most of the match, so we were able to hurt this team at just the right time.

What does it take to get results against Man City?

“It’s probably more important when you’re playing against a team of this level that there aren’t any ridiculous turnovers. They’re a team under pressure and they’re strutting, so you’re not just escaping the pressure, you’re hurting them. Being competent is important.

“We need someone to run and carry us to the pitch. because it will be gone.

“You have to find the perfect performance to get anything against City. With the current form that looks very unlikely, I understand that. But this is football. Yes, and this is the chance I got in 90 minutes, I need a result, it doesn’t matter who the next challenger is, I need that result to start in better shape.”

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