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Springvale Employment and Learning held an awards ceremony at the newly restored St Comgall’s.

Speaking at the ceremony, Clement Atanasiou, Director of the Department of Apprenticeships, Careers and Vocational Education, Ministry of Economy, said: “Today we celebrate the achievements of all vocational training program participants and apprenticeships, moving forward as they complete one stage of their learning. about their career paths.

“Congratulations to the dedicated team at Springvale Learning who demonstrate their commitment to serving young people, our communities and our economy every day.”

Springvale also delighted several special guests at the awards ceremony, including Core Impact’s Sean Grant and John Paul Taggart. They also had local comedian Paddy McDonnell take the stage and tell us how he got to where he is today.

Springvale Learning has been providing vocational courses and apprenticeships for over 30 years and plays a key role in upskilling young people and working with local employers to grow and develop a talented workforce. continue.

At this recent awards ceremony, rising stars and learners of the year from both the Training for Success/Life and Work Skills Program and the Apprentice NI Program, along with young people from their professions, families, communities and business partners was able to celebrate , funders and staff attended.

Springvale believes these fully-funded courses would not be possible without our funders, including the Ministry of Economy, which funds our Successful Training/Skills for Life and Work programs and the Apprenticeship NI. European Social Fund Youth Start program, UK Community Renewal Youth Start, and TEO Communities in Transition programme.

Excellence and quality are the key drivers behind our ambition for each student. What unites us today is the hard work, focus and determination of our staff and students. ”

Jordan Barr Youth Team Project Coordinator commented:

“Our Employability Elements program has helped 23 young people achieve their Employability qualifications, with over 50% finding employment and an additional 5% attending training.

“Our Work Ready Program helped 40 young people under the age of 16 join our Employability Program and are now placed in paid jobs.”

Marcus Benkirane, director of operations at Springvale Learning, added:

“Our core values ​​of inclusion, passion, respect, integrity, quality and success underpin everything we do.

“My focus is on ensuring that Springvale is a student-centered organization, and every effort is made to create positive and successful outcomes for all students.

Marcus said he has high expectations for his students and has everything they need to ensure success and positive outcomes.

“Excellence and quality are the key drivers behind our ambition for each student. What unites us today is the effort, focus and determination of our staff and students,” he continued.

“On behalf of the board, management and all of Springvale’s staff, we congratulate our students on their hard work, dedication and focus and wish them every success in the future!”

Most notable is Thomas McAuley, a young student who started his journey as a joiner in Springvale. I am currently studying digital media to help me build a career in my passion for music.

Springvale is very proud of this young man and has decided he deserves the Outstanding Talent Award. Thomas, who is self-taught to play keyboards, said on Monday, August 9, he performed Robert his Miles iconic dance his tune “Children” on his keyboard in front of thousands of young people at Féilean Phobail. After that, it took the media by storm. So it was only natural that he would close out the Spring Bales Awards ceremony with a Queen classic.

If you’re a student graduating this year, why not call Springvale to visit our state-of-the-art facility and enroll in one of our vocational courses spanning joinery, plumbing, catering, cosmetology, hairdressing, cosmetology, and digital. . Media, Computer Technology, Health and Social Care, Business Administration, Warehousing and Storage, Retail and Customer Service, Child Care.