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Schneider Electric PH Names Female President

Newly appointed Schneider Electric Philippines Country President Ireen Catane believes in temporary advantages.

Schneider Electric Philippines Country President Ireen Catane

Catane, who received a degree in Computer Technology from De La Salle University in 1992 and an MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute in 2021, said:

This mantra led her to various leadership positions in the information and communications technology industry, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM, Samsung Electronics, Voyager Communications, Microsoft, and NTT, before being named the first female president of Schneider Electric Philippines. did.

Schneider Electric is a world leader in energy automation and management, and Catane highlights the company’s important role in today’s world.

“The world is undergoing profound change today. Whether businesses are rushing their digital transformation efforts due to the pandemic, or coping with the impact of the global energy crisis, businesses and industries are It’s clear that we have to rethink how we manage energy,” says Catane.

“These are power industry players, water utilities or manufacturers looking to operate more efficiently, or businesses that need data centers to support their operations, or even buildings that need smarter processes. Schneider Electric is the system, the service, and the software for a variety of energy management needs,” she says.

Leading a company that addresses a client’s most pressing energy needs also means staying ahead of emerging needs, demonstrating Catane’s belief in temporary advantage.

“Recognizing that competitive advantage is short-lived is the foundation of innovation. I am proud of Schneider Electric’s culture of innovation. It shows what the future will look like, from buildings to data centers to infrastructure to industry,” says Catane.

“Schneider Electric is not only innovating for a safe, reliable and clean energy future for all, but also aligning its strategic priorities to better serve our customers and the marketplace. ‘ she says.

A key component of Schneider Electric’s product, system and service offerings is the company’s continued push for enhanced digital citizenship.

“We are making a significant amount of internal transformation to enhance the way we deliver solutions to our clients, including increasing automation, better analytics and improving the quality of the data we provide to our clients. It also enhances the ability to engage with customers in new ways and sell digitally.With e-commerce on the rise, it ensures companies have the infrastructure and systems to enable data-driven business. We’re helping you do that,” says Catane.

Schneider Electric’s innovations have provided business model flexibility and agility. The company’s solutions not only provide hardware that could be considered a capital investment, but also form part of the operating expenses.

“Our EcoStruxure platform is a perfect example of how we can best meet the energy management needs of any client. We can make decisions and combine systems, services and software to provide our clients with comprehensive and customized solutions,” says Catane.

The range of solutions Schneider Electric offers is as diverse as its customer base. These range from residential unit owners to commercial, industrial and institutional organizations to power companies.

“The C&I segment is particularly underserved in terms of power requirements. Our GreenStruxure entity enables C&I customers to develop and operate renewable energy microgrid systems in a cost-effective and reliable We can transition to more expensive and sustainable energy resources.”

Sustainability is at the heart of innovation and transformation at Schneider Electric. The company has consistently been named as one of the world’s most sustainable companies, a claim the company’s Philippines office takes to heart.

“Coming out of the pandemic means we have the opportunity to build the future as it should be. This includes acting for a climate positive world by developing innovations that lead to decarbonisation.Acting responsibly and digital technology. Use resources efficiently by maximizing the use of resources Act on the principle of trust by being accountable to high ethical, social and governance standards Create equal opportunities and ensuring an environment where employees can contribute, harnessing the power of all generations through learning and upskilling programs, and empowering communities and our partners to make sustainability a way of life. ‘ she says.

While the current business environment may appear challenging, Catane is optimistic about the opportunities in the market and what Schneider Electric can offer current and future customers.

“Schneider Electric’s differentiated value proposition is clear. We understand that the current situation is demanding a lot from businesses, and innovation and sustainability are what enable us to deliver value to those who need it most. It’s about focusing on possibilities,” says Catane.