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Roman Reigns talks about Vince McMahon's retirement, Triple H takes over creative

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1. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Joins Latest Edition SI Media Podcast Vince McMahon’s shocking retirement, Triple H (Paul Reveque) takes over as creative director, Reigns’ new shortened schedule, wrestlemania Matches with The Rock, what it’s like to work with Paul Heyman, a rush of promotions compared to a rush of big bumps, a mass sale of merchandise, and more.

Below are some sample podcast highlights.

  • Here are his first thoughts when he heard Vince McMahon was retiring.

“It was just unbelievable. Together with the people who followed this business and were in this business, when I passed away, I was retired for 20 years and Vince is still running the show.” I thought. [my reaction] ‘Oh, let’s see. See him in six months. That was the first thought I took. After that, I received a talent-related text his message. And apparently a personal message from him. We talked a little.”