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'Republicans are not shit!' Reecie Colbert endorses GOP in new book on 2022 midterm elections

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over the years, Views of black women Founder and political analyst Reecie Colbert has ruffled quite a few feathers with her bold take on cultural events.she’s on MSNBC Simone Sanders show Similar to Clay Cane ShowPerhaps best known as a regular commentator on Roland Martin Unfiltered, she is equally intelligent and intimidating.

her new digital Book, “The Long and Short Guide to the 2022 Midterm Elections: Radical Republicans,” lists 20 Republicans with racist, sexist, and regressive ideologies (as Colbert explains). It’s a “quick and dirty read” that introduces candidates.Colbert speaks root child about how Republican Party The most dangerous ever.

“We always focus on Democrats: ‘Democrats aren’t doing this, Democrats aren’t doing that, Democrats aren’t canceling my student debt.'” We need to recognize the will of Republicans to sabotage or enact their agenda. It’s a very regressive agenda. These people have no plans to make society better. They only have plans to dismantle society. They just want to disenfranchise and alienate…that’s their only plan. ”

From Texas Governor Greg Abbott to U.S. Senate candidates Herschel Walker (Georgia) and JD Vance (Ohio), Colbert explained that hate remains one of the core principles of the Republican Party. doing. “JD Vance most despicable campaign, lore… as he explicitly appeals to being racist. He says: “Do you hate Mexicans? I am a supporter of Rittenhouse.

Colbert also criticized the “insidious and evil” nature of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who is behind the “Stop WOKE Act” and “Don’t Say Gay” bills) and herschel walker“Especially in the world of politics, we try to give Black people a lot of grace.

“But Hershel is very serious, and when he speaks it’s completely gibberish, and he doesn’t care about black people. say he himself absentee fatherLike… come on. He’s just playing for a white audience. ”

Colbert ultimately hopes that her book will be used as a tool to educate the masses. I want people to feel empowered and informed.”

She also wants people, especially black people, to be aware of their political and social capital. I know I was, but after writing this book, I want everyone to see that there is a real chance to change the trajectory of this country.”