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Athletes pass St. Elizabeth's Cathedral

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After more than two years of travel bans and restrictions due to COVID-19, the world is opening up again. And now that a vaccine is readily available, avid vagabonds can safely explore again. racing.

But with nearly 200 countries in the world, choosing a destination can be very difficult. If you’re considering traveling abroad for your next race but don’t know where to go, you’re in luck.

hotel followers released top 30 list marathon cities around the world. The website analyzed and ranked the events based on metrics critical to race day success, including average temperature and precipitation during the race month, air pollution and his recent COVID levels. They also factored in entrance fees, hotels on weekend nights, and locally brewed beer.

Every continent except Australia and Antarctica ranked in the top 30, with more than 20 marathons in Europe alone. Spain and Germany both have him on the list with three marathons, more than any other country.

Here’s a sneak peek of the top destinations:

Kosice Peace Marathon, Kosice, Slovakia. Next race: October 2, 2022. Looking for your next road marathon?The Kosice Peace Marathon has been held in Slovakia’s largest city since 1924 and is the oldest marathon in Europe and his third oldest in the world. Adding to its legendary charm is an affordable option. Admission is $40, hotels average $70 per night on weekends, and local beer is under $2. Race day conditions are also good, with temperatures averaging 57 degrees Fahrenheit in October.

windermere marathon, Ambleside, England. Next race: May 21, 2023. The Windermere Marathon is one of his few marathons fully listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it circles Lake Windermere, England’s largest natural lake. This unique location means low pollution levels and an average May temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Admission is $54 and local beer averages $3.94. the only minus? The average price for a hotel is $219.

Valencia Marathon, Valencia, Spain. Next race: December 4, 2022. This race is for you. The Valencia Marathon takes place in a historic seaport city full of culture, cuisine and sights. This means there is a lot to do before and after the race. Turia Gardens also includes his 5K circuit, shake out runTemperatures are optimal, averaging 63 degrees Fahrenheit in December. The race is economical, with an entry fee of $61, an average weekend lodging of $113, and a local beer about $3.

Here are the rest of the top 10:

Four. San Sebastian Marathon – San Sebastian, Spain

Five. Ljubljana Marathon – Ljubljana, Slovenia

6. Loch Ness Marathon – Loch Ness, Scotland

7. madrid marathon – Madrid, Spain

7. vienna marathon – Vienna, Austria

9. marrakech marathon – Morocco, Marrakech

Ten. frankfurt marathon – Frankfurt, Germany

Athletes participate in Peace Marathon

Athletes participate in the Peace Marathon in Kosice on October 3, 2010.

Samuel CubaniGetty Images

Confident to book your next race? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Jet lag is inevitable, so why not make a plan? If possible, arrive a few days before the race to allow your body to acclimate.

Randy Wilbur, a sports physiologist at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, said: Said This extra time will allow you to “get on your feet, adjust to the new time zone, and be physically and mentally prepared for the race.”

If you’re planning a long trip, consider scheduling a race on the front end. .

Make sure to pack all race essentials such as food, hydration, and gear in your carry-on to avoid problems with lost luggage. Plan your race and travel, but forget to be flexible. please don’t Unexpected complications, delays and hiccups are common when traveling, especially when traveling internationally, but if you take these into account, you’ll have more fun racing and adventuring.