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PHOTO | Durban women run 27th Comrade Marathon to raise funds for stray animals

An avid animal lover, Gina is aiming to raise nearly R30 000 for this year’s Comrades Marathon to enable as many animals as possible to be sterilized locally.

  • The women of Durban are determined to run the Comrades Marathon for the 27th time this year.
  • Gina Hincliffe plans to run this year’s Comrade Marathon to raise funds for stray cats and dogs to be sterilized
  • Since her first race in 1989, she has won 14 bronze medals, 9 Vic Clapham and 3 Bill Rowans medals.

A 55-year-old Durban woman hopes to raise R30 000 for the sterilization of rural stray cats and dogs by running the 89.8km Comrades Marathon between Pietermaritzburg and Durban this weekend .

Gina Hinchliffe will run her 27th Comrades Marathon this Sunday.

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“My passion and love for animals inspired me to embark on this journey. If you want to run, why not run with a purpose? It’s important to reduce the number of people who get unwanted and lost,” Hincliffe said.

She trains by sprinting 8-10km 4-5 days a week and running long distances on the weekends.

she added:

My long runs are usually 20km to 40km and my route testers run 56km 5 weeks before the big day. I have already run him two ultramarathons – Two Oceans and Om Die Dam [ultra marathons] – During training. As I got older, I realized that strength training has been proven to play an important role in my preparation.

“I’ve always been an animal lover,” Hinchcliffe said.

“While traveling through our country, especially on the way to the Eastern Cape of Rhodes, I was haunted by the number of dogs roaming the streets looking for food wreckage and barely surviving. hurts.”


Hinchliffe will run the 27th Comrades Marathon this year.


“I never dreamed I’d come this far,” Hincliffe said.

“I have always adopted Township’s dogs and cats because they have a special place in my heart and have proven to be the most special little beings every time.

Hinchliffe’s goal is to render at least 35 animals sterile. But if she can raise more money, she’ll be “a dream come true to sterilize hundreds of feral animals in rural areas.”

She set up a BackaBuddy account.

“It would have been a huge bonus for me to be able to run this year’s marathon with my dog. Just imagine!” she chuckled.

is this also true

Since his first Comrade Marathon in 1989, Hinchliff has won 14 bronze medals, 9 Vic Clapham and 3 Bill Rowans medals.

“What I love about Comrade is the anticipation, training and preparation, hitting the pavement with my daughter, husband and friends. In my busy life, I cherish these moments.” she added.

she added:

Sometimes I pinch myself because I can’t believe this is actually Comrade 27. Like, is this true? I am really looking forward to going.

She’s missed the last two Doshi Marathons due to Covid-19 restrictions, which made her realize just how much she loves the event.

“I never dreamed I would come this far. Run your 10th marathon and say OK for your 20th stop. But the adrenaline is so contagious and the atmosphere is great, so hopefully I’ll stick with it until I’m Buddy in the bag,” said an excited Hinchliffe.

“I can’t wait to take on this leg of my comrade, and I know I’m doing it for man’s best friend.