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Nicaragua runs out of pitches in marathon win over Japan | News, Sports, Jobs

Correspondent NICK FIORINI/Sun-Gazette Nicaragua’s Luis Bravo scored the equalizer in the bottom of the eighth against Japan at Volunteer Stadium.

If it were up to Nicaraguan manager Marlon Chavez, it would have been better for his team to beat Japan in just six innings. That helped save pitching for the starter. However, a six-inning victory did not come. Neither won by seven. or eight. Or nine.

Rather, it took Nicaragua an 8-7 walk-off win over Japan and 11 innings over two days to advance to today’s match against Chinese Taipei or Panama. It certainly didn’t help in terms of pitching. But Nicaragua has plenty of pitchers.

Having to pitch 11 innings forced Nicaragua to burn two pitchers. , cannot be pitched again until Saturday. Madrigal threw his 46 pitches and is not eligible to pitch again until Thursday.

In the 11-inning marathon contest Nicaragua threw on Monday, the only pitcher able to pitch today in Nicaragua’s next game is Johann Sarabia, who threw 14 pitches. Nicaragua will play his elimination game against Panama at Volunteers Stadium today at 1pm.

“I was worried during the game because it’s not the way we’re planning it. We were going to use (Levi) Madrigal and maybe another pitcher. I was worried because there was no Chavez said on Monday. “But we have enough pitchers.”

NICK FIORINI/Sun-Gazette correspondent Brandon Jimenez bunted against Japan at Volunteer Stadium on Monday.

Japan dropped out of the title fight with the loss, but they also pitched. Hitoshi Takimoto threw 85 pitches, reaching the limit with 6 complete games. After that, Kaito Ota threw 45 pitches and Yota Morikawa came out with 1 and 1/3 innings, pitching 32 innings.

A pass ball helped Nicaragua secure a walk-off victory at Volunteer Stadium on Monday afternoon.

But when Derek[Alonzo]hit the home run, we had some confidence, so I told the kids it was time. was” Chavez said. “It’s a very difficult situation for the Japanese team, but it was a happy moment for our team.”

“I’m glad I hit that time” Alonzo talked about home runs. “I also had the help of my teammates like Garcia and other players.”

Alonso’s homer hit a big three-run shot in the sixth to tie the game at 4-4 with no outs. The hit proved decisive as Japan forced three straight outs following a home run to center.

Correspondent NICK FIORINI/Sun-Gazette Japan’s Hayato Ichii scored the game-winning out in the bottom of the ninth to keep the game going.

“I am very comfortable and happy because I won the match.” Garcia said. “The turning point was when Derek hit the home run.

Correspondent NICK FIORINI/Sun-Gazette Nicaragua and Japan will meet in a qualifying match at Volunteer Stadium on Monday.

NICK FIORINI/Sun-Gazette correspondent Hitoshi Takimoto pitches to first base against Nicaragua in the elimination game at Volunteer Stadium on Monday.

Correspondent NICK FIORINI/Sun-Gazette Nicaragua’s Brandon Jimenez won his 11th match at Volunteer Stadium in Monday’s qualifiers.

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