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Next Elite Business School: Goizueta's New Dean Plans

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To Megan MarasJuly 19, 2022, 1:22 PM

Gareth James, Dean of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, said: (Credit: Goizueta Business School)

In the past few months, Gareth James has held more than 150 meetings with faculty, donors, alumni, parents, and university leaders about his new role as Dean of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. I’m assuming. He was announced as the next Dean in February and officially took office on July 1st. As well as being very optimistic about the school’s future, James says his new role as Dean of Goizueta is exciting on a personal level as well.

“I feel like the university came over and handed me a set of keys. James, who spent 24 years at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and most recently served as the school’s interim dean, said: And the Deputy Dean.. “Rather, they paid me to get it. Then I wiped off a little dirt and it turned out it wasn’t a BMW, it was a Ferrari.”

luck spoke with James to find out about plans for a business school, including how online education fits in.

Goizueta is a ‘quiet, confident and quality’ school

“I believe that as the quality of Emory as a university, not just Goizueta, improves, so will its reputation score,” says James. “I would describe it as a quietly confident, quality university.”

One of the biggest differences between the two business schools James worked for is their size. Emory University’s business school has about 850 undergraduate students, while USC Marshall has her 4,064 undergraduate students. However, the schools’ respective full-time MBA programs are close in size. Goizueta’s full-time MBA classes consist of approximately 150 to 180 students, while USC Marshall’s full-time MBA classes have approximately 220 students each year.

“I really enjoyed my time at Marshall. I think it’s a great school, but there are too many undergraduates, especially,” he says. “Goizueta is a good size. In my opinion, it’s big enough to attract enough quality students, but small enough to make adjustments and meet students easily.”

Goizueta’s in-person executive MBA program is ranked 23rd. luckList of the Best Executive MBA Programs in .

“The quality of students enrolled here continues to improve year after year, and the percentage of students applying to Goizueta has increased over time,” says James. He also cites faculty and administrators as further reasons for his optimism. Emory welcomed a new president in 2020, Gregory L. Fenbes. A new Chancellor, Ravi Belamkonda, will also join him in 2021.

“The board, the president, the president — they are all very ambitious, and I believe Emory has the resources and the will to improve its standing as a university,” says James. “As the college base brand goes up, it will obviously affect Goizueta, but I think it can go up faster than Emory.”

Goizueta’s location in Atlanta, the eighth largest metropolitan area in the United States, also proves to be an advantage for students.

“The Southeast is now an incredibly vibrant and fast-growing region and is now one of the top tech regions,” says James. “Entertainment is big, real estate is a big area of ​​development, and the area we sit in is exploding, so there are so many opportunities.”

How Online Education Fits into Goizueta’s Future

Goizueta currently offers Bachelor’s degree programs, 2-year full-time MBA, 1-year MBA, Evening MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Business Analytics, Master of Analytical Finance, and PhD in Business. A portfolio of non-degree Emory Executive Education courses.

The school also announced an online executive MBA program in February. The program will start its first cohort in fall 2022.

“My expectation is that online will continue to grow in different ways and in different places,” says James. “Everyone is trying to find the right long-term model.”

James is a big fan of the purely online delivery format, but admits there are many challenges. “The area I’m really most excited about, especially in his school of business, is his hybrid approach,” he says James. “Not all programs make sense, but MBA programs do.”

For professionals living in high-traffic metropolitan areas like Atlanta, an MBA program that allows some flexibility in remote options without sacrificing the in-person networking experience can make all the difference. There is a possibility

“Some schools had already started moving in that direction before COVID, but I think many teachers resisted the online learning environment before the pandemic, making schools more accessible.” James explains. “Now they have discovered that not only can they teach well in that environment, but they have more opportunities to be innovative.”