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New Apple Insider Report Approves Apple iPhone 14 Surprise Release

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The next iPhone is coming soon. I’m sure you already know a lot about it: numbers, looks, price, etc. Until recently, the consensus was that it would be announced on Tuesday, September 13th, and launched on Friday. September 23rd. It now looks wrong.

Updated on August 25 below. This post was originally published on August 22, 2022.

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Updated on August 25th. So, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the cat came out of the bag, Apple confirmed on Wednesday, September 7th As a date for your next special event. Likewise, this points to his next iPhone, Apple Watch, and possibly AirPods Pro launching on his Friday, September 16th. Also, software releases for iPhone and Apple Watch are expected to be released sometime between September 7th. By the way, I believe the software release is on Monday, September 12th.

Forbes detailsApple Confirms iPhone 14 September Special Event – Earlier Than Expected

Confirmation of the date of the event came much sooner than most analysts expected (although, as you can see, I warned at the end of this original post that an earlier disclosure was possible. ). That in itself is interesting because it shows that Apple is very confident that it can keep its own supply chain under control and deliver on time. It wouldn’t have been surprising if the new announcement was delayed by another week.

Second, note that the invitation titled Far Out specifies the exact location of the keynote, the Steve Jobs Theater. This is important because it means that Tim Cook and Craig Federighi will not only briefly appear at the start of his simulcast at WWDC in June, but there will definitely be a direct element to the event.

Mark Gurman said Apple had filmed the keynote ahead of time, but I think the specific locations suggest it could be back to being more normal than it used to be.

The keynote will be followed by a hands-on section as usual, no doubt that our invited guests will be able to see and feel the new products. Since this event promises more in terms of hardware, we also expect to return to the hands-on section just outside the theater’s auditorium rather than the upstairs welcome area used last time.

Beyond that, the usual details of an Apple keynote definitely apply. Strict crowd control to let everyone in, groups of people excitedly watching the (admittedly very cool) revolving elevator It’s what connects the two floors and the keynote begins in 30 minutes It grows into an almost unbearable sense of anticipation before (always exactly on time – you can set up your Apple Watch).

Whatever the exact deal, it looks like this will be a big, memorable event with more products than we’ve seen in a single keynote in years. , and more are expected in October, when the entry-level iPad is expected to be announced.

Updated on August 23rd. Further hints about the imminent release can be found at My smart pricehas discovered that a new item with model number A2882 has been placed on the list of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Of course, the list doesn’t have the courtesy to name the product, but we think MySmartPrice is more likely to be the iPhone 14, although we don’t have that kind of luck. 13. So this additional number, never seen before, could refer to an upcoming model.

What’s interesting about this is that the iPhone 14 was announced shortly after reports that it was manufactured in India, making it available just two months after its launch. This is an interesting development.

Of course, this listing is not the same as a special event or an explicit date for a launch, but it is very likely that listings in databases like this will appear weeks and sometimes even days before the product is officially announced. It is true that there are many.

For Apple, a tightrope must be walked here. While revealing enough information to satisfy a particular national standards authority, it provides nothing substantive.

After all, this new product is just a power cable. It doesn’t, because it takes a completely different shape than the code, but the point is that Apple is playing cards as close to the chest as possible.

By the way, for those interested in the details of Mark Gurman’s research on previous announcements and release dates, I checked my listing. Here is the full data:

Year phone Unveiling release

2011 iphone 4s October 4 October 14th

year 2012 iPhone 5 September 12 September 21st

2013 iPhone5s/5c September 10th September 20

2014 iPhone 6/6 Plus September 10th September 20.

2015 iPhone 6s/6s Plus September 9 September 25th

2016 iPhone 7/7 Plus September 7 September 16th—Exactly the same date as expected this year.

2017 iPhone 8/8 Plus/X September 12 September 22nd

(iPhone X November 3rd)

2018 iPhone Xs/Xs Max/Xr September 12 September 21st

2019 iPhone 11/Pro/ProMax September 10th September 20

2020 iPhone 12/mini/pro/promax October 13th October 23rd

2021 iPhone 13/mini/pro/promax September 14th September 24th

when is the date?

After Max Weinbach raised the idea that it could be almost a week early, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman backed it up. Now, in his latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman sheds light on the launch date on Wednesday, September 7, and goes into more detail about what to expect about the launch. If this is correct, the iPhone 14 series of phones and his three models of Apple Watch will launch on his Friday, September 16th.

September is Apple’s favorite release month

Almost all flagship iPhones since 2011 were released in September. The only exceptions are when the iPhone 12 series was released in October in 2021 due to Covid-19 slowing Apple down, and in 2011 the iPhone 4s was the first iPhone to be released in the fall. , also when it was released in October.

Digging further into the informative dates Gurman provided, only once the announcement date was in the first week of September. It will be released on Friday, September 16th, 9 days later.

We typically announce on a Tuesday during the second week of September, between September 8th and September 15th, followed by a product launch 10 days later.

What does Wednesday’s keynote really mean?

The reason for Wednesday’s event is clear. At first glance, it’s because Monday, September 5th is Labor Day. But wait a minute. This is only relevant if Apple plans to have press and staff go to the event in person. Online-only events may be held the day after a public holiday.

We’ve also heard from sources such as Gurman that the recording of a production-value keynote is well underway. Of course, this is also a safety precaution. Until the invitation is actually sent out, Apple can instead rely on the online version. For example, even in the event of a spike in Covid infections, it’s possible (though unlikely) that we’ll go back to being online-only.

In short, Wednesday’s keynote day makes it clear that an in-person event is all but certain.

what will happen to the event?

I believe the September 7th special event will follow the same format that WWDC introduced in June. That is, a recorded keynote will be played back to reporters and guests in Cupertino. Before the start, CEO Tim Cook and possibly other executives will appear live to kick things off. “In that scenario, you can expect members of the press to pick up new devices later,” Gourmand said.

why go early?

As I’ve written before, the sooner date means there’s an extra week of iPhone sales to boost financials for the quarter ending September 30th. That growth will be difficult to match in 2020-2021. With iPhone 14 sales continuing his week, the company could easily surpass his $83 billion last year. ”

And it seems to confirm that Apple’s supply chain is very healthy.

When will we know for sure?

when the invitation comes out. Gurman says “between August 29th and he’s envisioning August 31st,” but I’d like to add that Apple has been known to send invitations before then. more than we have.

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