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Most little leaguers dream of MLB.his dream was dentistry

1956, sports illustrated We surveyed players from the Little League World Series. The question was, “How ambitious are you?” And almost everyone answered, “I want to play baseball.” In other words, exactly what you would expect.

But that wasn’t the case for Robert Woolley of Colton, Calif. The 12-year-old pitcher knew where his ambitions lay: he wanted to be a dentist. Also a baseball player. But first, the dentist.

“A dentist,” said Woolley SI“My uncle is a dentist. He told me it’s a lot better for boys than playing baseball for money. I also want to play baseball.If I’m any good and if dentistry interferes with baseball, I’ll give up dentistry. [dentist turned pro golfer] So did Cary Middlekoff. he is a smart man ”