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Meet Rivka Carmi, Former President of Ben-Gurion University – J-Wire

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Henry Benjamin, September 2, 2022

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JNF Australia has a long history with the Negev, and it’s no surprise that one of the guest speakers at next week’s gala event shares that relationship.

Rofessor Rivka Carmi

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Rivka Carmi was Chancellor of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer-Sheeva from 2006 to 2018.

She told J-Wire: She was very active in promoting social ideologies. I wasn’t in the Negev, but my mother gave me Ben-Gurion almost every day. ”

Rivka Carmi graduated from the Hadassah College of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, completed a pediatric residency and fellowship in neonatology at Soroka University Medical Center, Beersheba, and further fellowships in medical genetics at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. did. .

She continues: However, my research career was in medical genetics. ”

But how did she build her career in the Negev? The Negev was therefore a very obvious target. I spent her nine years as a pediatric resident at Siroko Medical Center in Beershef, where I participated in the development of medical services and the establishment of the medical school. My research included Bedouin communities. ”

As a result of her medical research, the syndrome was named after her.

She explains: And they have very clean skin on their hands and feet. Unfortunately, they die within the first week of life. It’s like having burns all over my body and I’m suffering from an upset stomach. But it peels off, mainly because the skin is so fragile. And now we know what the genetic mutation that causes it is. ”

Years ago, Rivka told J-Wire during a visit to Beersheba that the university was heading in new directions with an eye to technology. She kept us up to date.

“The Advanced Technology Park is opposite the university and is connected to it by a bridge. The park has become a national center for cybersecurity technology. Beersheva is called the cybersecurity capital of the world. We have done very important cyber technology research with most of the companies dealing with cyber security solutions such as FinTech and all kinds of industry, health, agriculture, the government of Israel to put their Citizen Center for Cyber ​​there. Decided.Or cyber alert.When various situations occur, for example, cyber attack on water supply, cyber attack on electricity to bank, etc., this center is the first responder to these attacks.

The park is now home to five incredible buildings that host countless multinational corporations with all kinds of cyber solutions. An additional 3,000 jobs were created in Beersheba, occupied by Google University graduates in the park.

The other is the Negev National Institute of Biotechnology. That’s why we created a very unique model of private enterprise within a university, built on the research of university scientists.

Other important centers are the Bitcoin University and the ABC Center. We call it ABC because it focuses on biology and artificial intelligence, including robotics. We have established a very important innovation sector. It is one of the best innovation centers in Israeli academia. We have had great success in putting the entire university on the hi-tech and biotech map of Israel.

When Rivka first arrived in Beersheeva, she remembered that the land where the high-tech center is now built was little more than a dune where camels roamed freely.

Part of the land was given to the IDF, which is now a center of computer technology.

Now retired from the presidency and college, Rivka stays up to date in her chosen field.

After visiting Australia, she plans to head to New York to spend time with her family, including her grandchildren. Her side visit to Boston will see her friends and colleagues at her alma mater, Harvard University.