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Meet Kenyon Glover, the mastermind behind the 'Faithful & Focused' movement | Entertainment

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Kenyon Glover has one thing in mind. Probably two. Strive daily to be Christlike in every possible way and carry out God’s will to change the world.

A prominent author just launched a new podcast and says there are no off-limits topics. The podcast, called ‘Faithful & Focused Ministries Show’, is one of his latest projects launched by Glover as a branch related to his lifestyle his brand ‘Faithful & Focused’ and also includes merchandise and Glover’s It also includes the groundbreaking book of the same name. This book was the driving force and impetus for launching a podcast to continue the conversations drawn from the stories in the book. With the goal of giving voices to those without voices in mind, Glover wants to reach directly where people are.

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A former NBA player turned serial entrepreneur, he has made many changes in his life and made them work for him. Glover is well known for dabbling in his projects across a variety of media over the years, including his involvement in the arts and entertainment as a filmmaker, actor, director, and producer. Glover’s multi-faceted career his portfolio continues to expand, now allowing him to add motivational speakers, pastors and moguls.

Glover took time out of his busy schedule to speak with veteran journalist Deutsche Kent to break down what that means.

“The biggest enemy you’ll face will always be you. Getting out of your own path will truly allow you to reach your full potential,” Glover said. Through his book and his new podcast, his goal is to share his personal story of how he suffered trauma and healed after several devastating losses. To share the testimony of life. He wants to be a vessel of hope and healing for others.

On the podcast, Glover will tackle sensitive topics such as suicide, depression, wounds, scars resulting from trauma and life’s triggers. I think. Additionally, Glover plans to encourage self-development, promote motivational messages, provide references from the Bible, and share his own stories that will change his life.

The timing was great. Expanding on the collective vision, Glover recently collaborated with other authors on a new book titled RESPIRE The male Anthology: Stories of Black men who recovery from a Hope, Courage & Strength in a problem. Released.

“This book is intended to empower, inspire, encourage and motivate all to surrender to God’s call and life purpose,” Glover said. Did.”

“I want to give a shout out to the people who are getting up every day and absolutely refusing to quit, regardless of the circumstances, even if they haven’t been feeling well lately. I want to encourage you to still have this, said Glover, who is also a clergyman.

Glover wants to make it socially acceptable for others to be transparent on his platform. Most important to him is to allow a non-judgmental space where others can speak freely. , to spread the gospel. Don’t let the darkness grow. The world is dark enough as it is,” Glover said.

Glover says, “The purpose of my book and podcast is to help others identify negative blocks, dismantle old patterns, and ultimately change unhealthy behaviors.” Everyone has stories and experiences that have changed them or made them who they are today.

“Life will try to break you. But don’t let it. Trust the process. There’s a blessing on the other side of breaking,” Glover said. Glover believes that God can bestow grace and mercy on all through a kingdom agenda based on his faith and purpose, helping others seek God in the midst of setbacks and disappointments. I’m going to help

“God says I have a plan for you. A plan to make you prosper and not hurt you. A plan to give you hope and a future,” Glover said.

Glover exhibits a personal aura of positive, forward-thinking, extremely sharp focus, and has a great interest in building connections that enable him to partner with like-minded people. Now, he is ready for any Kingdom business opportunity and encourages others to follow his passion. “Hold tight to what God has placed in your heart. When God gives you another chance, move on. Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt. Keep going,” Glover said. I was.

Most recently, through his production company, KG Films, Glover has been involved in producing films that showcase faith-based messages. Glover has been able to piece together much of his talent since founding the company, a full-fledged media and film company producing quality content for film and television. “This is where I feel alive, on set, acting, producing, directing, making movies. I love the art of creating, the art of transforming into another character. Very much.” It’s been a magical journey,” said Glover.

“I am grateful for everything God is doing right now, and I want to thank everyone who has ridden with me on this journey,” said the multifaceted Glover.

His message to others is simple. “When you are waiting for God, be patient because He is constantly pruning you, transforming you, equipping you, and preparing you to become the person you need to fulfill your destiny. So during the preparation process, stay loyal and stay focused.Your time is coming,” Glover said.

Trusting the process, Glover said he learned a lot about himself and was excited to continue his journey with God and self-realization. “I want to use my voice as a speaker to empower and influence billions of lives,” he said. Told.

For those who want to connect with Glover, you can meet him in Atlanta, GA on August 27-28. Glover has been named to serve as celebrity host for his Preach The Word Worldwide Network (PTWWN) 2022 Global Convention, which welcomes filmmakers from around the world. PTWWN is the premier Christian network he broadcasts 24/7 worldwide.

“I am everything God called me and I am striving to be the best version of Kenyon Glover possible. Sit back and watch my evolution.

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Founded by Kenyon Glover, Faithful & Focused Ministries empowers people to stay true to who God created them and to focus on doing what they are called to do. Spotify’s Faithful & Focused Podcast empowers, encourages, uplifts and motivates people around the world to overcome depression, heartbreak, heartbreak, fear, doubt and suicidal thoughts through the power of God’s Word. , is inspiring.

Germany Kent is a nationally syndicated journalist. The award-winning former FOX News anchor, media personality, entrepreneur and content creator writes for his various digital platforms. Kent’s work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Parade, Yahoo, HuffPost, MSN, Cosmopolitan, and countless other national media outlets.

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