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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The importance of obtaining higher education in today’s job market still allows people to obtain additional training beyond a bachelor’s degree.

The US Census Bureau reports that since 2000, the number of people over the age of 25 who have completed a master’s degree has doubled from 10.4 million to 24 million.

One factor is rising wages, with a master’s degree earning an average of $13,000 more than a bachelor’s degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Keeping busy professionals coming back for an MBA means reaching out to someone who earned a bachelor’s degree 10, 15, or even 20 years ago.

Patrick Bateman, MBA program director at Youngstown State University, stresses the importance of accessibility. “It’s important to understand what the barriers people are facing and do what we can to address them.”

Some of the ways YSU has addressed access concerns are by offering a 10-class MBA for $13,500, taking the program online even before the program started due to COVID-19, and making the course a seven-week Compressing it into a session.

According to Bateman, MBA students get “clean and fast results.” They learn something today that they can use at work tomorrow.

Those who complete the program can take anywhere from a year to 18 months, but Bateman recommends 18 months for those who work concurrently.

The YSU MBA program is fully online and has graduated 275 students in the past year. Bateman says this is significantly higher than his program just two years ago.

YSU is not alone in transitioning to or creating a fully online MBA program. According to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Accreditation Commission, the number of fully online MBA programs has more than doubled between 2016 and 2020-2021, reaching 682.

However, Thiel College is going in a different direction with most of its on-campus MBA courses.

After COVID-19, many people are doing things online that they never thought possible, said Anthony Coss, chair of the Arthur McGonigal Department of Business Administration and Accounting at Thiel College. But it doesn’t work for everyone.

“We hold to the idea that face-to-face education is great,” says Kos. “You build relationships with faculty. You get the chance to do these things in a much better way than working remotely when it comes to assistantships, internships, and projects with the business community.” can do.”

Working in a business world where more and more people are online, it can be difficult to connect, build relationships and brainstorm ideas with colleagues.

“The environment is evolving,” says Kos. However, from our perspective, we want to ensure that students have the technology to work remotely and have the interpersonal skills to be good citizens of their organisations. ”

New program, flexible schedule

To attract interest in MBA programs, local colleges and universities offer new programs, flexible course schedules, and opportunities to connect with the world of business.

Grove City College currently offers an MBA in Business Analytics and a Master of Science degree. The program is primarily online, but includes networking kick-off events and short-term, high-impact on-campus residencies. This gives students the opportunity to interact and learn from professors, senior level business her leaders, and each other.

Christy Crute, Associate Dean of Graduate and Online Programs and Professor of Business Analysis, said:

Grove City College’s graduate cohort program strives to be relevant and up-to-date with the aim of attracting top-notch, working professionals, Cluto said. Admission to an MBA program requires some experience.

In addition to traditional MBA courses in accounting, finance and marketing, Grove City’s program offers leadership and strategy.

The program also has an international component, Krut says. She believes this will give participants a solid knowledge of doing business globally.

In May, students travel to Dublin, Ireland to study global topics such as supply chain issues, the economy, and the impact of Brexit on businesses around the world.

For some people, a weekend trip can deepen their understanding of international cultures, says Cluto.

Additionally, students who attend 1- or 2-week sessions learn to face challenges at work while working remotely.

“Even if they choose to stay abroad for two weeks, doing their daily work from Dublin will give them a good chance to be active in their own businesses while taking international courses,” says Crut. says Mr. , global immersion.

She says the new MBA program has been well received and has doubled the number of enrollments Clute had expected. Additional programs may be added as early as next year.

YSU offers three types of MBA, and students can choose a general MBA or specialize in marketing or healthcare management. Bateman said the addition of medical management has significantly increased the number of registered nurses and medical professionals.

To take the next step in your career, he says, you need to be more than a great caregiver. You should also know your budgeting policies and management skills.

Thiel College is now planning evening classes to open the program to more students.

“We are very excited to be able to accommodate working adults this year,” Kos said of the evening course, which takes twice as long as a typical 11-month MBA program.

Thiel’s MBA students are required to work as graduate assistants, giving these students the opportunity to work on campus in their areas of interest. Additionally, everyone is required to do an internship.

“The program is challenging. It’s compact and intensive,” says Kos. “Our classes typically run for seven to eight weeks. This is a way to accelerate the program.”

Many of Thiel’s students are in their fifth year in a row, Kos says, so the school makes sure they get hands-on experience to ensure they can hit the market. I make time for assistants and internships in classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We also work closely with the business community,” says Kos, citing a partnership with Penn Northwest Development Corp. [email protected] and the Hermitage Wastewater Municipal Authority.

Thiel College partners with other educational institutions to attract students to their programs.

A recently announced partnership with Hiram College will allow students earning a bachelor’s degree from the Scarborough School of Business and Communications to qualify for Teal College’s MBA program during their junior year.

Kos also talks about a Pathway One student, a freshman in Thiel who is considering a fifth-year stay for his MBA program.

“Take the best people, the people who are academically strong, talk to them, start including them as part of what you do in your MBA program, and make sure they feel part of it.” Kos says.

Several student-athletes recently qualified for an additional year are taking advantage of additional time on campus by earning their fifth year MBA.

Additionally, Thiel has partnerships with several Indian universities. Students there take some classes online from Professor Thiel and then come here for the rest of the classes.

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