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Kapiti Half Marathon forms new partnerships with local charities Kaibosh Food Rescue and Waikanae Estuary Care Group

This November, the Kapiti Half Marathon returns for the second year running and walking. In 2022, he will be able to take it one step further by raising funds for two incredible local charities that will make a big impact across the country.

On November 13th, Paraparaumu Beach’s McLean Park kicks off its annual half marathon with options for 21, 10, 5 and 2k. “We are very excited to be back without Covid restrictions. This incredible location will allow us to offer people from all over the country an amazing experience and truly celebrate Kapiti. and incredible scenery, offering a little something special for everyone at every level,” says event director Bengy Barsanti.

“This year we have added many new facets to the event, partnering with two great local charities to raise funds for Kaibosh Food Rescue and Waikanae Estuary Care Group to encourage attendees to go even further. Allow it to stretch.”

The local Kapiti Kaibosh team moves approximately 14,000 kg of food each month, thanks to support from local food donors and regular help from the Kaibosh volunteer team. Rescued food is sorted for quality daily, carefully packaged and distributed to over 30 local community groups helping those in need in Kapiti and Holofenua.

Ben Wakefield, Kapiti Kaibosh Operations Manager, said the team is proud to be selected as a charity partner for the 2022 Kapiti Half Marathon. “By running Kapiti Half his marathon this year, you can also support our challenge to reduce food waste and reach our goal of zero food poverty.”

“We are an organization that is inspired every day by the generosity of our community and it is wonderful to find an organization that shares our cowpapa in barefoot sports and we look forward to being a part of it. “

Kapiti Half also partners with the Waikanae Estuary Care Group, a local estuary Kaitiaki. They voluntarily help manage the estuary through agreements with DOC and the Kapiti Coast District Council.

The Estuary is an important community touchpoint and one of the special sections of the event. “By working with Care Group, we are able to protect and respect this precious taonga while allowing the event to proceed,” said event director Barsanti. “Kapiti Half will be able to travel through spectacular estuaries and fully experience their beauty as part of his marathon and his 10km run.”

Scientific reserves are of national importance for migratory birds from all over the world and should be protected for future generations.

Waikanae Estuary Care Group Chairman Robin Gunston said: This partnership allows us to showcase the flora and fauna of the reserve to runners, walkers and their supporters, but also provides a means to support our work through donations. This will allow us to invest in more visitor facilities and activities that support scientific and educational paralysis. ”

November is a great time to participate in charity work with Kapiti Half. If you’re looking for your next challenge, the Kapiti Half Marathon is a great place to stay behind.

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