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Jacquie Tanner is vying for a seat on the MVLA board and hopes to use her business skills to help the

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Jacquie Tanner is vying for one of three seats on the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School Board of Directors this November. She hopes to use her business experience to help support her high school district.

Tanner, who has a daughter who is a freshman at Los Altos High School, is from Mountain View and has lived in the area for half a century.

Tanner, who retired in June after nearly a decade at Tesla, said he wants to devote his newfound time and energy to serving on the school board.

“It allows you to bring in fresh, independent thinking,” Tanner said. “I’m still unaffected by a lot of the politics going on in both school districts.”

Three of the five seats on the high school district board are in front of voters this fall. Only incumbent Katherine Vonnegut is seeking re-election. Thida Cornes, Esmeralda Ortiz, Carrol Ann Titus-Zambre and Eric Mark are also running.

While at Tesla, Tanner said he worked 10 to 14 hour days and didn’t have the time to participate in his daughter’s schooling as much as he’d like. Tanner volunteered as much as she could, she said, but she was jealous of the amount her husband could participate.

“I wanted to do it. I tried it if I could,” Tanner said. “But I had to sleep at some point just working a ton of hours.”

After retiring, Tanner said she joined the League of Women Voters and the PTA. She also finds out about her school district and looks at her past board meetings.

From what she’s seen, Tanner feels the board is doing a good job, but her data analysis, critical thinking and other business skills “help take them to the next level. I believe.

Tanner wants to use her data background to oversee spending and ensure the district is financially responsible. She also believes the board should do a better job of communicating its successes and failures to the community.

One area of ​​particular focus for Tanner is helping school districts prepare for the expected influx of students as more homes are built in Mountain View.

“I don’t think it’s moving fast enough to get the land and infrastructure needed to do that,” Tanner said. “I want to help in that field.”

To be successful, Tanner said the district needs to communicate properly with its feeder school districts, the Mountain View Wisman School District and the Los Altos School District. Tanner said he will work with current board members to make progress, although details of how the district will acquire the required land are not yet known.

Tanner is also interested in helping 8th graders transition smoothly into high school. Her daughter attended a summer program before enrolling at Los Altos High School, which Tanner said helped her feel more comfortable on campus. We want to make sure that it works for a diverse group of students.

Stay tuned to soon for more information on each candidate running for high school district board.