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I Publius: Can New York Governor Kathy Hochul provide the political entertainment many voters crave?

2019 New York Governor Kathy Hochul. Photo: Mark Lenihan / AP / NBC.

New York’s Kathy Hochul is playing very smart. As governor, she rose to the top of state government. Prior to that, she played second her fiddle in orchestras under then-Governor Andrew Cuomo. It really wasn’t easy for her for her. She defied most of the political conventional New York wisdom: she’s the governor of Niagara Buffalo, defying her wisdom that she must come from the state’s old “five boroughs.” She was the first woman to hold the highest position, and not only did she reach that high position, but she did not let it go. I have shown that I know how to maintain. Why did it take so long to install and retain a woman as CEO? She will run again and win again in Democratic New York. Cuomo shows no signs of a political resurgence at all, and I appreciate Hochul, her feminine perspective, and her ability to compare to Andrew.

Is this new to our New York politics? The answer is yes. One of his reasons is that few men are seen as capable of ruling New York in the public mind. It may be a stereotype, but I’ve found that in the world of politics, women in power set achievable and actionable goals. When I talk to voters and women officials, I hear words centered around what is achievable with social policy, not the traditional bullshit language of lofty promises. Ho-chul seems to have taken a breather after taking office. Ho Chul is one of those confidence-inspiring characters. But there is always the risk that people will grow bored with the political language of this administration. After all, much of what we hear from politicians, especially those formerly steeped in bureaucracy, is policy talk that for many is boring. In this society, we come to expect to be stimulated and resent when we are not. That’s why so many politicians hire speechwriters who are in many ways nothing more than glorified entertainers.

Expecting people to be entertained often leads to disappointment. why? To be successful, politicians must satisfy several groups, and these groups will have a majority in general elections. , individual politicians lose their jobs, which means losing salaries, perks and prestige. So our politics, like everything else, is the same kind that offers us movies and popular music, as opposed to people thinking about giving us all the best life. Is it what we want?

Governor Ho Chul faces several risks. One of them is that she can’t and can’t be an entertainer to the masses who appeal to them to entertain. This may be tempered by her gender, but it also deals with her pleas for entertainment, and frankly, there are real challenges here. We know that the egoist Donald Trump considers himself an entertainer. Perhaps that is why the media continues to pay attention to former presidents who regularly fill newspapers and e-broadcasts. Hochul, on the other hand, seems to have reached a very good position where people respect her ability and politeness.