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How to make a book in Minecraft in 202 [Easy Guide]

Books and games don’t usually feel like they go hand in hand in the real world. But in the world of Minecraft, books are a vital game mechanic for progress. You also need it to express yourself thanks to enchantments, decorations and a controversial reporting system. But that’s for later. For now, learn how to make books in Minecraft and, as a bonus, how to get lots of books quickly. With that said, dive in!

Make a Book with Minecraft (2022)

Please note that this guide focuses on regular books only. If you want to know about enchanted books, you should use the linked guide. With that out of the way, you can use the table below to explore crafting recipes, ingredients, and the process of finding books in Minecraft.

How to find books in Minecraft

If you need the book for temporary purposes, you may be better off finding it rather than creating it. You can search for books in the following ways:

In the Java version of Minecraft, you can also get books from librarian villagers with the “Hero of the Village” effect.

What you need for bookbinding

To craft a book in Minecraft, you only need 3 items:

To get leather, you can kill hoglins, cows (by building a Minecraft cow farm), mooshrooms, horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, and merchant llamas. You can also get leather from chest loot, fishing, and trading, but mob loot is usually the easiest option.

On the other hand, to get paper, you need to place 3 sugar canes side by side on the crafting table. Sugar cane always grows near water. As such, you can find them in most Minecraft biomes next to rivers and oceans.

Minecraft book crafting recipes

book crafting recipes

To make a book in Minecraft, simply place the materials you have collected on the workbench. Place 3 pieces of paper and 1 piece of leather anywhere in the crafting area to create a book. ever since recipe is randomit doesn’t matter where you put the item.

how to make a minecraft bookshelf

craft recipe bookshelf

Once you have the books, the next obvious step is to create a bookshelf in Minecraft. Luckily, it’s as easy as creating a book. First, you need to place 3 books side by side in the middle row of the crafting area. Then you need to enclose them with planks to make a bookshelf. If you have enough bookshelves, you can use them to level up Minecraft’s enchanted table.

Mass-producing books in Minecraft

There is no way to automate crafting in Minecraft. So if you can handle crafting recipes, you can easily mass-produce materials for crafting books. As for leather, minecraft farms gather mobs to help you harvest a lot of leather in no time.

Recipe for making a book in Minecraft

You are now ready to create your own collection of books in Minecraft. The perfect edition to add to your Minecraft house. Some players use to share their ideas on the best her Minecraft server. Others rely on them to unlock the best Minecraft enchantments. But how do you plan to use the book in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments!