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Harrison Greenaway publishes new book on cannabis entrepreneurship and industry discrimination

The general manager of a multi-based cannabis company in LA has a long professional track record and aims to educate new entrants to the cannabis business, outline the existence of discrimination, and clarify misconceptions about the industry. I wrote a book.

On Monday, Didra Harrison Greenaway announced the launch of a new book titled The Blueprint: A Guide Towards Cannabis Business Ownership.

Greenaway says her inspiration for new literature may stem from the injustices she witnessed within the industry over the course of her career and the inherent incentive to educate people on certain subjects.

Photo by Harrison Greenaway

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According to a recent press release and her LinkedIn profile, Harrison-Greenaway graduated from the University of Maryland with an MBA (Master of Business Admin) and Master of Science degrees. He also holds a BA in Sociology from California State University, Northridge.

In addition to his current position as general manager at ERBA Markets Cannabis in LA, Greenaway said he served on the Budget Committee after being appointed Budget Advocate at the City of Los Angeles’ Office of Cannabis Regulation. Additionally, she now owns her Greenspace Business Solutions, a new consulting firm also in her LA.

Greenaway said the unfortunate reality is that many of the systemic racist and discriminatory practices prevalent in the legal and business sectors of society also affect the cannabis industry. Despite the fact that marijuana is now fully legal in many states, thousands of people are currently in prison on non-violent cannabis charges, many of them people of color. claims to have personal knowledge of people of color serving time on non-violent cannabis-related charges.

Aside from the marijuana-related prison sentence factor, Greenaway said there are a large number of people of color across America who have issues affecting their potential entry into the cannabis business, and that this needs to change. She claims the disparity is so great for these people that a coalition was formed to expunge their records and provide them with employment opportunities in the industry.

According to Greenaway, the Blueprint aims to guide readers through a series of detailed instructions on various aspects and sectors of cannabis ownership. She says that for people of color, the book frankly and honestly discusses the positive and problematic characteristics of the cannabis business.

California was one of the first states to legalize cannabis, she said, but the state government has failed miserably at exposing and removing criminal records. Once ex-cannabis offenders are released from prison, they find it very difficult to find suitable employment or housing, and they can’t even vote.

Finally, Greenaway works tirelessly to ensure that her book reaches people of color who have historically lacked clear information about their access to the cannabis industry.

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