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Georgetown Offers 10-Month Finance Master's Option

Georgetown announces 10-month accelerated option for master’s degree in financial science.Pictures of Georgetown

Georgetown McDonagh School of Business knows you’re in a hurry. That’s why the B-School in the heart of the capital has announced a new short-term finance master’s degree option that will give you a degree in less than half the time.

Applicants to Georgetown McDonough’s Master of Science in Financial Sciences program can graduate in 10 months “without losing the academic rigor” known to traditional 21-month and part-time master’s programs. Senior Associate Dean Alan Everhart said. For MSF programs and professors of finance. Those options are still available, he adds.

“Since its founding, Georgetown MSF has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students,” said Everhart in a B School news release. “We created this accelerated track to appeal to students whose previous academic training and career interests are more aligned with the 10-month program. We hope it’s the right choice and we’re excited to offer this new option.”

Waiting for MSF graduates: a nice payday

The new Accelerated Finance Masters has a condensed workload that allows students to transition from a degree program to a career in less than a year. His MSF alumni in Georgetown are very well paid, so this is good news for retirees going to school. Members of the 2021 class reported a combined average base salary of $112,139, with a median base salary of $100,000.

Graduates with four or more years of experience benefit most from McDonough Schools MSF, with an average base salary of $120,189, a median of $118,000, and bonuses and options worth up to $500,000. These graduates reported an average 59% increase in base salary from the time they enrolled to six months after graduation. Nearly 80% of them used their new qualifications to get a promotion at their current company or to accept a job with another employer.

Even those with little work experience will do well after graduation. According to the school’s latest employment report, graduates with three years or less of experience had an average base salary of $97,571, a base median of $90,000, and an average bonus of $44,577. I got a job within a month.

said Thomas Stowell, McDonough’s Associate Dean for Career Services and Strategic Initiatives at MSF. “The successes our graduates have achieved have impressed us and we look forward to working with this new group of students on accelerated courses to achieve similar successes.”

Georgetown McDonough’s Master of Science in Finance current class profile.Source: Georgetown McDonagh

“An extension of what Georgetown MSF does best”

47% of the current members of the McDonough School MSF (see infographic above) are full-time students, along with their part-time colleagues, who will henceforth be known as members of the ‘traditional’ track. They and their new accelerated track colleagues will be seamlessly integrated into a single cohort to “encourage friendship and collaborative learning among classmates. It means taking courses together,” the school announced. The accelerated track student also enrolls in the courses traditional track students take in her second year.

All MSF students at Georgetown McDonough use the school’s “blended” online learning platform known as the Blended4 Experience. You can get the same educational experience in person or online. ”

The program is very flexible, allowing students to work on the course material “virtually anytime, anywhere in the world and on a weekly schedule,” says MSF’s senior director of operations. Luke Wakeblod says.

“Only Georgetown McDonough can combine online programs to provide students with such a highly interactive learning experience,” says Weichbrod. “The 10-month option is an extension of what Georgetown MSF does best, combining a world-class curriculum with extensive support for student success in the classroom and customized career management assistance. Thing.”

ideal candidate

By email to Eberhart Poets & QuantsThe ideal MSF candidate is a “recent bachelor’s degree holder with a major in finance, or someone who has previously done extensive coursework in finance, or has majored in a volume-focused major. The ideal candidate for the course will have extensive internships and work experience, and be highly motivated to complete a challenging curriculum in a short period of time.”

He adds that the 10-month option is not modeled after similar length programs at other B schools.

“We have programs of varying lengths, such as a 10-month program,” says Eberhart. “We are launching a 10-month version of the program with the same rigorous admissions standards and the same level of student service and career management support as our traditional track, making the unique Blended4 experience available to future students. We only focus on programs that can be completed within one year.”

Georgetown requires applicants to the Master of Science in Finance to submit scores from the Graduate Administration Entrance Examination or the Graduate Record Examination. The total cost of the program is $2,451 per credit for 32 credits, just over $78,000. Learn more about Georgetown’s new 10-month accelerated MSF option here.

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