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For the Apple Watch 8 to be the best smartwatch, it needs this feature

Smartwatches evolve like turtles, with new features added only once every few generations.This year we have the best new smartwatches, especially apple watch 8 What Apple Expects Announced September 7which includes a skin temperature sensor.

Rumor has it returned to the next about whether Future watches will come with health-focused features. Why we think temperature sensing is important and stopped working.

There are many useful applications for using skin temperature history in health monitoring apps. The most basic and least problematic is sleep monitoring. During sleep, your body temperature rises and heat is released from your body. If your watch could include temperature with sleep monitoring, you’d better understand why you slept well or badly that night. It may have been too hot or too cold.

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This is actually a surprisingly useful metric that most smartwatches can’t measure. Fitbit has done an excellent job involving temperature sensing in the device and of course the latest Fitbit Sense 2 watch has electrodermal monitoring ( EDA) is also included. The more information your device can collect, the better it can portray your health.

just sleep?