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Every White Sox no-hitter list in franchise history

Chicago White Sox star and All-Star Game snub Dylan Sees defeated the Minnesota Twins in a near-no-hitter on Saturday night. And while Cease went no-hitter with his one out, the White Sox won the decisive victory in his AL Central title fight.

But if Cease had gone no-hitter, he would have been on the stellar list. It was the 21st no-hitter in White Sox history and the third in many years.

Here are every no-hitter thrown in White Sox history.

1 September 20, 1902 Nixie Callahan 3–0 detroit tigers
2 September 6, 1905 Frank Smith (1) 15–0 @ Detroit Tigers
3 September 20, 1908 Frank Smith (2) 1–0 Philadelphia Athletics
Four August 27, 1911 Ed Walsh 5–0 boston red sox
Five May 31, 1914 Joe Benz 6–1 cleveland naps
6 April 14, 1917 Eddie Cicott 11–0 @ St. Louis Browns
7 April 30, 1922 Charlie Robertson* 2–0 @ Detroit Tigers
8 August 21, 1926 Ted Lyons 6–0 @ Boston Red Sox
9 August 31, 1935 Verne Kennedy 5–0 cleveland indians
Ten June 1, 1937 Bill Dietrich 8–0 St. Louis Browns
11 August 20, 1957 Bob Keegan 6–0 Washington Senators
12 September 10, 1967 Joel Horen 6–0 detroit tigers
13 July 28, 1976 “Blue Moon Odom (5 IP) & Francisco Barrios (4 IP) 2-1 oakland athletics
14 September 19, 1986 Joe Cowley 7–1 @ California Angels
15 August 11, 1991 Wilson Alvarez 7–0 @ Baltimore Orioles
16 April 18, 2007 Mark Burley 6–0 texas rangers
17 July 23, 2009 Mark Burley* 5–0 Tampa Bay Rays
18 April 21, 2012 Philip Humber* 4–0 @ Seattle Mariners
19 August 25, 2020 Lucas Jolit 4–0 Pittsburgh Pirates
20 April 14, 2021 Carlos Rodon 8–0 cleveland indians

*- stands for perfect game

September 20, 1902: Nixie Callaghan

Not only was this the first no-hitter in White Sox history, it was also the first no-hitter in American League history.

Callahan had two RBIs and two walks for the Sox in a 3-0 victory over the Tigers.

September 6, 1905: Frank Smith

The White Sox defeated the Tigers, 15-0, giving Frank Smith his first no-hitter and Chicago’s second no-hitter. Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta led the Reds to a no-hitter record, and he was the most lopsided hitter in history until nearly 111 years later in a 16–0 victory.

September 20, 1908: Frank Smith

Smith’s second no-hitter ended in a walk-off. At this point, he was the third no-hitter in White Sox history. Smith was the first pitcher to throw multiple no-hitters.

And funny enough, this was the White Sox’s second no-hitter on Sept. 20, with all three of them in September to this point.

August 27, 1911: Ed Walsh

Ed Walsh becomes first no-hitter at Comiskey Park. White his Sox over his Red Sox in his 5–0 victory, Walsh struck out his eight and the batter only walked his one.

May 31, 1914: Joe Benz

Joe Benz’s no-hitter helped the White Sox to a 6-1 victory over the Cleveland Naps (now the Indians). Benz scored one run thanks to his three strikeouts, two walks and his two errors on the Sox.

April 14, 1917: Eddie Cicott

Eddie Cicott was in action during the 1917 season, leading the White Sox to World Series championships. However, he set the tone from the jump with a no-hitter in the season opener.

The White Sox have to wait another 88 years for their next championship.

April 30, 1922: Charlie Robertson

Charlie Robertson’s no-hitter was the first perfect game in White Sox history. 5th time in MLB history.

August 21, 1926: Ted Lyons

Ted Lyons’ no-hitter started with a walk, but retired 27 of the next 28 hitters he faced en route to a no-hitter and a 6–0 win over the Red Sox.

August 31, 1935: Verne Kennedy

Verne Kennedy’s no-hitter gave the White Sox a 5–0 victory over the Indians. Kennedy threw his five strikeouts and walked four batters. It was his second season in the big leagues.

June 1, 1937: Bill Dietrich

It was the first no-hitter thrown in Major League Baseball since Kennedy in 1935. The White Sox defeated the St. Louis Browns (now the Baltimore Orioles) with his 8-0 victory. Dietrich had five strikeouts and only he had two walks.

August 20, 1957: Bob Keegan

Bob Keegan ends 20-year drought for the White Sox with a no-hitter. It is the longest no-hitter in White Sox team history.

September 10, 1967: Joe Hollen

Joe Hollen struck out four batters en route to a 6–0 win over the Tigers. It was the first game of his double header, and was in the midst of a tough AL pennant race. The White Sox were in first place alongside the Tigers, Twins, and Red Sox.

July 28, 1976: Bonding – “Blue Moon” Odom and Francisco Barrios

It was the only no-hitter in White Sox history, as the White Sox defeated the Athletics, 2-1. Blue Moon Odom and Francisco He combined Barrios to walk his 11 hitters, the most in a White Sox no-hitter. An error occurred while A was traveling alone.

September 19, 1986: Joe Cowley

Another no-hitter in which the opponent, in this case the Angels, scored a run. Cowley walked seven hitters for three in one inning before Reggie Jackson’s sack fly drove in one run.

Cowley never won another game in his career, losing his next four starts to the Phillies in 1987.

August 11, 1991: Wilson Alvarez

What makes Wilson Alvarez’s no-hitter stand out is that it was his second career start. With his seven strikeouts and five walks, Alvarez led the Sox to his 7–0 victory over the Orioles.

April 18, 2007: Marc Buehlery

Mark Burley’s first no-hitter and first no-hitter on a guaranteed rate field (then known as US Cellular Field). It also ended the 16-year no-hitter drought, the second-longest drought between no-hitters in team history.

And he was nearly perfect, not walking a step past the batter.

July 23, 2009: Mark Buehlery

Bührle was perfect this time. It was the 18th perfect game in MLB history and the second in White Sox history. White his sox perfect his game interval is his 87 years.

And who can forget Dwayne Wise’s catch on the caution track in the ninth inning.

April 21, 2012: Philip Humber

Phillip Amber became the third-ever perfect game in White Sox history and the 21st in MLB history. His three perfect games for the White Sox line up with the Yankees, who have the most perfect games in the franchise.

And he did it with just 96 pitches.

August 25, 2020: Lucas Jolit

And of course, Lucas Jolito. He is the only pitcher in White Sox history to record 10 or more strikeouts in a no-hitter.

14 April 2021: Carlos Rodon

In heartbreaking fashion, Carlos Rodón lost the perfect game bid with two outs. And after Jose Abreu played great and got the first out of the ninth inning.

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