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Eric Ten Hag Exclusive: How Cristiano Ronaldo Can Influence The Big Game, Sir Alex Ferguson's Advice, New Signer Anthony | Football News

The scrutiny, the drama, the pressure, the wins and losses, and one of the world’s biggest stars wanting to leave. Erik Tenn his Hague has seen it all in his first three months as Manchester United manager.

That should help somewhat prepare him for one of the Premier League’s iconic fixtures that once again promises to be a big hit.

Like many, Ten Hag was fascinated by the epic encounter between Manchester United and Arsenal in the 2000s. sky sports upon Super Sunday.

“Top game, great history between the two clubs, both have incredible players and great managers, but now it’s Sunday and it’s something new and we have to build a future,” Ten said. Hug says. sky sports news.

Who was he rooting for then?

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Ahead of Manchester United and Arsenal’s Super Sunday showdown, we look back at the classic match between them from 2008, when Owen Hargreaves’ free-kick gave the Red Devils a decisive win.

“My team in England has always been Manchester United. I loved them. I always liked them.”

What if he had to choose only one. Team Vieira or Team Keen? he laughs “That’s clear. There can be no doubt. Keane.”

No real surprise where his loyalty lies when it comes to the manager. “What[Arsene]Wenger has done at Arsenal is amazing. I really respect his philosophy, but Fergie built all this.”

Sir Alex Ferguson’s shadow still looms, but Ten Hag won’t let him define his time at this football club.

ten hag, manchester united
Ten Hag looking to make his mark on Manchester United

“I spoke with him and I’m happy with it. So are his advisors. I appreciate it, but it’s also clear that now I have to build a new future,” said the Dutchman.

In recent weeks, he’s shown just how rigorous the scrutiny will be as he rebuilds the club. “Is that all you dreamed of?”

He smiles: “I’m not a dreamer. I’m more realistic. I knew it was a big challenge and a lot of work. I was too busy to realize that 100 days had passed.” But that’s a good thing.Signals.

“What I do is the football process. I love managing it on and off the pitch.

Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo in action as second-half substitute at Leicester
Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo in action as second-half substitute at Leicester

Process, a term often used in interviews, is defined as “a series of actions to achieve,” and Ten Hag is already very busy in the action department. He dismissed captain Harry Maguire and made it clear to Cristiano Ronaldo that he must fit into the club’s vision.

“When I make decisions, I have emotions. I use my intuition and my emotions, but they have to be rational and strategic if Manchester United want to go the way they want to go. And we should all be on the same page.

“I have to think calmly and ask what is best for the club and the team and what are the processes to improve. I have to be transparent and clear and communicate.”

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Ten Hag comments on his team’s morale after beating Leicester 1-0 and also reacts to the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo will remain at Manchester United

Ask how that message was received and if you have any concerns about using him in the big game.

“He showed it last year, but it’s not that long ago, so now we have to match our style of play. If he does, he’ll decide the match on his ability.”

Ronaldo is just one of the fascinating subplots this fixture often throws out. It’s whether or not you start, and with it you start proving that you can handle the pressure of being United and one of the Premier League’s most expensive signings.

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Ten Hag believes a match against leaders Arsenal will be a big test for Man United, who have won three in a row at Leicester.

The Ten Hags are unmistakable. “He can handle it. He lives for football and enjoys it. He has already proven himself a Champions League, Brazilian national team and Olympic gold medalist.

“He will bring his temperament and creativity. For him, too, this is a new start and he will have to adapt to the team, the Premier League and the intensity of the game, but I am sure he will adapt.”

Antony, along with another former Ajax player Lisandro Martínez, are looking to build a team in a very different way than the one they formed at Ajax, which saw Ten Hag spend more than £200m over the summer.

Does he feel pressured given the money spent? How did it feel to spend over £200 million? “It’s part of it, it’s what we have to do to stay competitive. there is.”

Sunday, September 4, 4:00 p.m.

4:30pm kick off

That team could include one more of these new faces from the start at Casemiro on Sunday. Is he ready to unleash at Arsenal? “He’s used to big games.”

This is exactly what it promises. Ten Hag know how tough their opponents can be and are enjoying something of a renaissance with Arsenal moving to Old Trafford and winning five of five league games this season.

Unlike some of these classic fights, no titles are at stake, but both Ten Hag and Mikel Arteta know a lot about where the team’s rebuild will be on Sunday night. .