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Easy Online Degrees to Advance Your Career

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An online degree offers a flexible route to career advancement. Also, an easy online degree can lead to better salaries and exciting new opportunities.

What makes it easier to earn a degree? That’s it. Highly flexible. For many potential students, registering online makes higher education more accessible.

Our listings include associate, bachelor’s and master’s programs with online enrollment options, so you can find the perfect program for your educational and career goals.

10 Easy Online Degrees That Will Help You Advance Your Career

To showcase online degrees that lead to career advancement, we considered factors such as income potential, program length, and demand. We used data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It includes information about the fastest growing occupations and areas with the most new jobs.

Our list showcases the easiest online degrees that can enhance your job prospects and provide a great return on your investment. One of these respected online degrees can set you up for careers in a variety of industries. can be loaded.

We have listed the degrees alphabetically by program name.

1. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Business is the most popular major for undergraduates. It’s easy to see why. Business majors benefit from many career options and a high return on investment.

According to BLS data, the average annual income for business majors is $65,000, higher than the average for all fields of study.

While pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in business, majors specialize in areas such as business administration, finance, and accounting.

The degree typically takes four years and builds strong analytical and decision-making skills. Business majors also develop interpersonal skills such as teamwork and interpersonal communication.

Many online business programs include in-person internships for hands-on experience.

2. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity

Depending on your strengths, an online cybersecurity degree can be technically challenging. But a degree puts graduates into high-demand, high-paying jobs.

The BLS ranks information security analysts as one of the fastest growing professions, with a projected 33% job growth from 2020-30. The sector reported average annual wages of $102,600.

A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity typically takes four years. Majors study information systems, cyber defense, and digital forensics. In addition to technical skills, the degree promotes problem-solving and teamwork.

Graduates work as cybersecurity analysts, network administrators, security auditors, and cybersecurity consultants.

3. Online Master’s Degree in Health Care Management

Are you considering a graduate degree? A master’s program in healthcare administration offers a great return on investment. They also prepare graduates for one of the highest paying and fastest growing roles.

According to the BLS, medical and health service managers earn an average salary of $101,340 annually and benefit from a projected 32% job growth over 2020-30. Also, her MBA-like master’s degree in healthcare administration meets the general hiring requirements for these roles.

Most medical administration master’s programs take about two years. Graduate students explore healthcare policy, healthcare institution budgeting, and hospital leadership.

After earning a degree, professionals work as medical administrators and medical administrators.

4. Online Master’s Degree in Human Resources

Every industry relies on HR professionals to manage their administrative needs. Also, a master’s degree in Human Resources leads to careers as a Human Resources Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, or Training and Development Manager.

Median salaries in these areas are in the six figures, with HR managers earning $126,230 annually.

Graduate students strengthen their conflict resolution, negotiation, and management skills in the two-year Master of Human Resources program. The graduate program also emphasizes teamwork and strategic leadership, as human resources require strong interpersonal skills.

Students seeking admission to the Master’s program do not need a background in human resources or business.

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5. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

A degree in technology can pay off big. According to the BLS, the median salary for a graduate with a computer or information technology degree is $85,000, making him 40% higher than the median of all degrees.

A Bachelor of Information Technology degree trains students in network management, information security, and data management.

Majors acquire technical skills in areas such as web development, cloud computing, and IT administration. Soft Her skills include project management, teamwork, and problem solving.

After earning an online IT degree, graduates pursue careers in system administration, cybersecurity, database administration, and software development.

6. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Management

Management training helps professionals in a variety of disciplines enter supervisory positions. Also, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree online can help you advance your career or pursue new opportunities.

In the online management degree, majors study leadership principles, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and project management. These courses build critical skills such as business analysis, strategic decision-making, and team leadership.

Students will also strengthen their communication and teamwork skills.

Professionals with a bachelor’s degree in business administration act like business analysts. This growing sector has a reported median annual salary of $93,000 for him, and about 100,000 new job openings are projected each year from 2020 through his 30 years.

7. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Online marketing degrees emphasize hard skills such as data analysis, consumer research, and decision making. Undergraduates can also gain hands-on experience through internships in the marketing bachelor’s program, which typically lasts four years.

Graduates pursue marketing degree jobs such as market research analysts. With a median annual salary of $63,920 and an estimated 96,000 new jobs each year from 2020 to 2030, market research analysts also benefit from promotion opportunities.

With experience, market research analysts can become marketing managers. This growing sector is reported to have a median annual income of $133,380.

8. Online Associate in Nursing

Some online associate degrees stand out for their high return on investment, including the associate degree in nursing program. With an associate’s degree in nursing, her two years enable the graduate to become a registered nurse.

RN reports an estimated 276,800 new jobs each year from 2020 to 2030 with an average annual salary of $77,600. The RN will also benefit from his many career advancement opportunities. An online degree from RN to her BSN will help today’s nurses take on more responsibilities, and a graduate degree will lead to advanced practice roles like nurse practitioner.

Note that some schools offer online nursing programs at the associate level, but you must meet clinical requirements with your local healthcare provider.

9. Online Associate in Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapists treat patients with cancer and other medical problems. This field offers high salaries for those with professional training. Also, an associate’s degree in radiation therapy provides her two-year route to this in-demand role.

In the radiation therapy program, students study human physiology and learn how to operate medical equipment. In addition to technical skills, these programs focus on attention to detail and interpersonal skills.

After earning an associate’s degree, radiotherapists typically obtain a license or certification. The radiation therapist reports that the median annual income he makes is $82,790.

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10. Online Associate in Wind Energy Technology

A lesser-known field, wind energy technology offers significant benefits to professionals with a two-year degree.

BLS ranks wind turbine engineers as the fastest growing profession. What does that mean in terms of work? The sector is expected to see a 68% job growth from 2020 to his 30 years.

A two-year wind energy technology program teaches learners about electrical and hydraulic maintenance. Learners will not only understand the mechanical systems associated with wind technology, but also get hands-on practice by operating a wind turbine. Online programs connect students to labs and hands-on practice to gain experience.

Also known as windtech, most wind turbine service technicians acquire their expertise by attending trade school. They are also trained by their employers after they are hired. In addition to mechanical skills, learners develop strong communication and troubleshooting skills.

Employment growth and salary data are quoted from the United States unless otherwise noted. Bureau of Labor Statistics As of August 8, 2022.