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Eagles Observation: Preseason ends mercifully with embarrassing defeat for Dolphins

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Let’s get down to business: Thank God preseason is over.

Imagine if they still played four games and had to wait another three hours for Reed Sinnett toss a 2-yard pass to Jason Huntley and Davion Taylor to miss a tackle.

Hey, by the late 1970s, NFL teams played six preseason games. Imagine this is 3 games to go.

Anyway, the last ones I checked were Dolphins 41, Eagles 10. His opening date is two weeks later. I can’t come here any time soon.

Here are 10 instant observations from the Eagles’ preseason finale.

1. I don’t want to get too hung up on the Dolphins’ starting offense, a combination of two and three defenders set on fire by Tyreek Hill’s Kvon Wallace? -But I’d love to see defensive players competing for jobs and playing time compete at a higher level than what we’ve seen in Cleveland and Miami the past two weeks. It means all the basics, like letting go of the receiver once you have coverage, and making the sound of your mission. I don’t care who you are or how far down you are on the depth chart. After a month of training camp, you’d think this group would surpass what we saw. It is really a pity. See, my expectations of defense haven’t changed. I still expect this to be a top 10 unit and a dramatic improvement over last year. played a situational role in this defense, and others will probably have to play at some point due to injuries. would have to do

2. The Eagles have a safety issue, and if it wasn’t clear before the game, it’s clear now. K’Von Wallace appears lost there, Jaquaski Tartt appears lost there, and Andre Chachere immediately sets up camp to return to Earth. Marcus Epps was very good, Anthony Harris was good enough, but converted corner Josiah Scott (who didn’t play on Saturday night) and undrafted rookie lead Blankenship weren’t on the roster. Honestly, I don’t think Wallace, Tartt, and Chachere deserve to be in the 53, but Chachere’s special team abilities make him worth keeping. . Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ll keep Epps, Harris, Scott, and Blankenship up.

3. I really like Blankenship and I have no doubt he earned the roster. He is smart, physical and athletic enough. He plays the game the right way. Why bother playing a preseason when Wallace or Turt wins 53 in Blankenship?Blankenship consistently outperforms both.

4. I may be crazy, but I thought Davion Taylor played well in six starts last year. He was active, around the ball and generally in place, securing tacklers. But yeah, he was terrible on Saturday night, and he’s been pretty bad the last few weeks. He was drafted in his third round two years before him and thought he made the team, but how does he play (and practice)? Clearly, the Eagles have theirs too. Because Taylor came out late in the fourth quarter and was still getting a rep. if it’s my phone he’s gone But that’s not my calling. And I think he’s on the team.

5. I don’t know Reid Sinnett. Jeez. Yeah, he’s got big arms, but there’s no way this guy will help the Eagles win a football game. he can’t play If it was up to me, Carson Strong would have played half the game in Cleveland and the whole game in Miami. Strong may be stinky, but he doesn’t want to know? Strong finally got into the game on Saturday night with 11 minutes left and threw three passes. He threw four in preseason. What the heck?

6. I really like the way Grant Calcaterra runs routes and catches footballs. Considering he missed his three weeks of practice time with his hamstrings, he looks really good. I think the concussion was the reason he fell in the 6th round, but his last concussion was almost three years ago, and both the Eagles and Calcatera and their doctors believe he’s at additional risk. I’m pretty sure no. I think Jack Stoll will get a lot of rep’s when the Eagles play 12, but Calcaterra is a very sophisticated receiver. If I were his Howie Roseman, I’d leave Calcaterra at his 53.

7. I love everything you saw about Jordan Davis at practice last month. I can’t help but notice his power, speed, athleticism and effort in daily practice, but so far production hasn’t shifted to the game. But it’s something to keep an eye on because the Eagles need Davis to be part of their d-line rotation, especially if Javon Hargrave isn’t ready for Day One. I don’t think it’s over 60%, and Davis will have to play 25-30 snaps a game at a high level. Competence is there and you have to bring it all together when it counts.

8. That 67-yard touchdown run was great, but let’s be honest. How much can Jason Huntley help this team? He didn’t catch the ball well this summer. He’s a tough runner, but he doesn’t find holes particularly well and isn’t very fast. He’s an OK returner, but not special. Huntley has been No. 53 for all of last year, but the Eagles think he can do better if he chooses a running four-man back. In addition to safety, the running back is another position you’ll want to keep an eye on Tuesday.

9. What about Devon Allen on special teams? It took a while to get used to after not playing football, but he looked pretty good every week. Whether he’s running a passing pattern or running the field with a special team, he doesn’t mind mixing it up.Is it too late for him to make the roster? do not know. There’s no doubt he’ll make special teams a better unit, and given that he’s at this point just weeks after his six-year layoff, he’ll soon be on the elite special team. member of, and goroot, he seems to be seizing his chance to become a specialist. He’s probably a luxury item on the roster, but I know one thing: Allen will help this team more than Jalen Reagor.

10. A silly observation I notice: Both Eagles No. 66 had fumble recoveries. On defense Matt Leo, who wore the No. 66, recovered a Lynn Boden fumble on a punt in the second quarter, and on offense, Center Cameron, who wore a 66, Tom, Channing in the fourth quarter. Reid was sacked by Tyndale, who recovered a fumble on Sinette.

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