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Eagles Observation: Biggest Concern Heading into Season

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My biggest concern going into Day One is the miracle of the Eagles’ sixth-round pick, a pivotal moment in Eagles history.

This is a new batch of Roob’s 10 random Eagles observations for the final weekend when NFL football isn’t held until February.

1. Pass pressure development is my absolute number one concern with the Eagles heading into 2022. We all know he was one of the worst in the NFL they reached quarterback last year. In 1982 they had 17 games to do it.I don’t know if Josh Sweat can take his game to another level.Brandon Graham is his 34 year old. I don’t know if I can get out of my Achilles tendon. I don’t know if Derek Barnett can have any influence. I don’t know if Taron Jackson can turn his potential into production, the rest is 6.5 sacks in his first 6 weeks last year and 4.5 sacks in his final 12 weeks. My name is Herson Reddick. If the Sweats can jump like they did last month and play a full season, if BG can turn the clock back a few years, if Burnett can play like the 14th pick in the draft? But for me, it comes down to Reddick, who has looked very good this summer but has to put consistent and productive pressure on the Eagles wherever they line up. So Reddick is a very important person on this team. The Eagles haven’t had his rusher outside with 10 sacks since Connor Burwin in 2014. So it’s natural to be skeptical. But all I know is that this defense doesn’t work without pass pressure. This group will have to get big in the next 18 weeks. And Reddick needs to be a big part of that.

2. The Eagles have the second best opening day record in the NFL since 2004 with a 13-5 record. Only the Patriots (15-3) are better in that 18 years. Other teams with 10 or more first-day wins since 2004 are the Steelers (12-5-1), Broncos (12-6), Packers (12-6) and Seahawks (11-5). , just the Ravens (11-1). 5) and the 49ers (11-5).

3. Why is Trey Salmon here? There are two reasons. Miles Sanders gets hurt a lot, and Sermon he’s better than Jason Huntley. Salmon, a third-round pick last year, was an odd cut for the 49ers. In fact, GM John Lynch said just a week before him: Throughout training camp,[he is]one of our best players. But Elijah Mitchell’s selection last year in the sixth round of the season made Salmon expendable, and the Eagles swooped in before the 49ers could put him on their practice squad. The Salmon went 19-for-89 (4.7) and had one game with 10 or more carries last year against the Seahawks. It works. I love Kenny Gainwell and Boston Scott as situation runners, third-down receivers and goal-line specialists. The 88th pick in last year’s draft, the 23-year-old, is a free pick. And since the 49ers paid his signing bonus last year, all you’re crazy about is his modest $881,497 base salary. A move that literally has no downsides.

4. Zac Pascal is 27 and won’t be 28 until a week before Christmas. He is the Eagles’ oldest skill player.

5. I’m surprised the Eagles roster has more sixth-round picks than first-round picks. It shouldn’t be possible. Nine first-round picks and ten sixth-round picks. In fact, more players were drafted in the 6th round than any other round: 8 in the 2nd round, 5 in the 3rd round, 8 in the 4th round, 2 in the 5th round, 2 in the 7th round (9 out of the draft). As such, only 42% of him on the roster were drafted in his first three rounds. Day 1 or he doesn’t want to miss a Day 2 pick, but finding good players is always more important than where to find them. And what if Jason Kells, Kez Watkins, Kenny Gainwell, Jordan Mailata, TJ Edwards, Boston Scott found in the late round or undrafted? It is not the place where it was drafted or the case where it was drafted.

6. The Eagles have played 385 games in 24 seasons since 1998. Tigers Thomas, Jason Peters, or Jordan Mailata started his 335 of those games at left tackle.

7. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson could be ready in eight days and learn and adapt to defense in a week and a half. But even with the Eagles elevating Anthony Harris to game-day heights in Detroit, safely starting him opposite Marcus Epps, and giving CJGJ time to learn and get used to the defense, I’m not quite sure. No surprise. Harris was a starter last year, took every rep for a top team this summer and wasn’t much of a playmaker, but he knows defense and can’t go wrong. The Eagles can promote Harris to his triple if needed. This allows Gardner to buy his Johnson time. Harris could be the first player in NFL history to start all camp, get released, sign to the practice team and start the season opener. But that might be the Eagles’ best option.

8. Holding Josh Sills over Jack Anderson was one of the most surprising moves of the final cutdown day, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Anderson is the guard’s center, Sills is the guard’s tackle, and tackles are more valuable than centers. Tackle. Anderson had an impressive camp and was snapped by the Giants at Waver. It will be interesting to see how it progresses.

9. The Eagles are 3-28 in their last 31 games when the starting quarterback throws a pick 6.

10. I always felt that the 1988 season opener in Tampa was a pivotal moment in Eagles history. They lost six straight seasons, made the playoffs only four times since the 1960 championship season, and had the league’s fifth-worst record in the last 20 years (out of 28 teams). Heck, they’d only won five of their previous 21 Opening Days.The 1988 Opener was Randall Cunningham’s first opening day start, and by the end of the first half at the old Tampa Stadium. , he threw TDs to Mike Quick and Keith Jackson and rushed for another TD en route to a 41-14 victory. He became the only player since Joe Maniaci of the Bears to have two interceptions and a 30-yard touchdown run in the same game. It was Buddy Ryan’s true victory coming into his third season, and the Eagles won his first NFC East title since his 1980 Super Bowl season. Since then, the Eagles hold his fifth-best record in the NFL, with 20 playoff appearances in 34 years. Only three teams have reached the postseason during that period: the Patriots, the Packers and the Steelers. One of the worst teams in NFL history to that day. One of the best since then.

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