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Construction Underway on $10 Million Greenwood Sports Park

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Construction is underway on Greenwood’s newest facility, and the crew is moving the soil before laying the foundation for the city’s newest project.

Northwest of the Worthville Road and Interstate 65 interchange, 40 acres of land will be the site of an extensive sports park that includes eight baseball/softball diamonds and a multi-use playground. According to the project’s design, this will also include his second splash pad in the city, adding to Greenwood’s comprehensive inventory of play equipment.

The park will provide a place for traveling sports teams and their families, officials said.

But now the site is as flat and empty as any new construction site.

Rob Taggart, Executive Director of Parks and Recreation, said: “It had unlimited utility.”

Infrastructure and utility work in progress

Construction crews are now working to install infrastructure and utilities such as sanitation, stormwater, power and water, he said.

The park is expected to cost about $10 million, but most of the funding will come from a $9 million tax increase loan (TIF) approved by the city council in May. This bond draws on the income received from the Worthville Road TIF District. Officials say they are generating revenue sooner than expected.

City officials say the remaining $1 million will come from park impact fees and operating funds. A park impact fee is collected for each new home constructed in the city to create and maintain park facilities.

The park’s design is progressing along what officials previously said it would include, including eight baseball/softball diamonds. Diamond is designed to be versatile and uses a hybrid approach to turf. According to Taggart, artificial turf will be used in the infield and natural turf will be used in the outfield.

It also has aspects of a community park.

“They’re also a comprehensive playground, a splash pad[and]a multipurpose field to the north of it,” he said. “The entire flank is then networked with multipurpose trails.”

Due to the nature of the current construction environment with supply chain and labor issues, construction timelines have not been made public. Taggart said the city is dealing with these issues on a daily basis and likely won’t have a clear vision of the construction schedule by early next year.

Parks Address Recreational Lack

The sports park as a whole is designed to address the recreational deficit in this part of the city while also developing an attractive gateway to Worthville Road, Taggart said.

“This is a great opportunity to provide recreational facilities in the southeastern quadrant of the city,” he said. “…and the extra ball he diamonds will allow us to offer a more diverse programme, and we will be able to host tournaments.”

Mayor Mark Myers is very excited about this project and what it will offer the community. Among what it offers is a cricket ground. This is something the city has never done before.

“We really have a lot to offer for all,” he said.

When people come to communities these days, they want communities with amenities that improve their quality of life. They want inclusive playgrounds, parks and splash pads, as well as opportunities like playing in tournaments, Taggart said.

“This meets the criteria to ensure that Greenwood remains relevant and offers the best quality of life,” he said.

Improving quality of life

Parks not only build quality living facilities for all, but also provide new recreational opportunities for the city. The multi-purpose field can be used for various sports, including cricket. According to Myers, that’s what the city’s growing Sikh population lacked.

The sports park will also have a soccer field and will be available for both children and adults to use, he said.

“This is another amenity that helps people get outside and promote a healthy, walkable lifestyle,” said Myers.

Taggart said under Myers’ administration, the city was able to produce several quality-of-life projects, including the reimagined Old City Park, the redevelopment of the Sulina Park Amphitheater, and the Greenwood Fieldhouse. I was. Taggart foresees that the quality of work on these projects also exists at the sports park.

“I think that’s what residents can expect,” he said.

He cites the nearing completion of walking trails along Madison Avenue and Old Town’s Main Street, along with a sports park, as part of the idea.

“At first people said[the trails]were a really bad mistake and people wouldn’t use them.

Research shows that, for example, trails and parks are among the things people look for when looking for a community to move to. So building these things is just as important as attracting places to work and eat, Myers says.

“We try to add to it that when people come to Greenwood, they want to stay in Greenwood,” he said.