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College football playoffs expand to 12-team tournament

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College football’s long national nightmare is over.

The playoffs are expanding—probably soon.

The College Football Playoff Board on Friday approved a 12-team expansion, ending a three-plus-year effort and making the postseason the most significant change in college football history.

in a secret meeting prior to a report from sports illustrated On Wednesday, the 11-member CFP Board of Directors, made up of 10 FBS councils and the respective presidents of Notre Dame Cathedral, unanimously approved the 12-team format and decided to implement it by 2026 at the latest. did, a source told SI. Totally unexpected a week ago, the decision was made by the Management Committee, his corresponding CFP’s Conference Commissioners’ Group, and Jack Swarbrick of Notre Dame AD, who had failed to come to an agreement on the expansion format, over extending the playoffs. It ended his year-long stalemate.