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Business Beat: Restaurants, entertainment coming to Maine and Maine The beat

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The two-story restaurant and bar will be located within The Crossing, a main and main development located at Loop 281 and US 259 ​​in Longview.

A building permit application filed with the City of Longview shows Cargo’s construction value will be close to $2 million. According to plans submitted to the city, the new building will be built near an existing water reservoir on a 42-acre development and away from a new street built on Nealy Way, a commercial center.

The plans also show that the restaurant will include numerous entertainment options in the surrounding area.

Cargo LLC managing member Michael Graham confirmed that the new 9,000-square-foot restaurant will also feature some outdoor elements. And an outdoor stage and seats.

Cargo hopes to start work on site within 30 days, subject to permits.

Opened a medical school

Necole’s Learning Academy, located at 1616 Judson Street, Longview, offers classes for certification in a variety of medical professions.

Shez Wilson, general manager of Necole’s Learning Academy in Longview, said Necole Mitchell opened the first Learning Academy in Jacksonville two years ago and is now expanding to Garland and Longview. Wlison said his Longview school had its grand opening on August 26 and officially opened on August 29.

The school offers courses that last from 3 to 12 weeks and lead to certification as medication assistants, medical assistants, phlebotomists, pharmacy technicians, and other medical professions, depending on the certification students are seeking. increase.

Some were driving from Longview to the Jacksonville campus for classes, Wilson said. Also, the closure of Vista College, which offered similar classes in Longview, prompted the school to expand here.

“We wanted to provide opportunities for Longview and the surrounding area as well,” Wilson said.

Registration can be done online at or in person. For more information, please call (903) 424-1146.

A Studio That Makes ‘Joyful Noise’ Downtown

Joyful Noise Music Studio owner Kimberly Weinert stands outside her new location on Fredonia Street in downtown Longview.

Kimberly Weinert’s music studio brings “joyful noise” to downtown Longview.

Weinert is a former elementary school music teacher who quit her job at the New Diana ISD eight years after she and her husband started having children.

“I really wanted to stay home,” she said of her decision to start offering piano lessons from home under the name Joyful Noise Piano Lessons. , hired other teachers to help. Since then, she has moved her twice to accommodate more students and increase her lesson options.

Weinert’s Joyful Noise Music Studio recently moved to 208 N. Fredonia St. in downtown Longview. The location used to be the Copper Tree Retreat Massage and Med Spa. Moved to another building downtown.

The music studio currently employs over 10 teachers for piano, violin, voice, guitar, flute, percussion and ukulele. They offer lessons to a studio that has grown to 235 students each day.

“The Lord has blessed us greatly,” said Weinert. “We are truly in awe.”

For more information, visit or call (903) 932-2002.