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Britney Griner, women's soccer and MLB trade deadline : NPR

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NPR’s Scott Simon speaks with Meadowlark Media’s Howard Bryant on the latest on women’s soccer’s big game, Major League Baseball’s trade deadline, and Britney Griner’s detention in Russia.

Scott Simon, Host:

And now it’s time for sports.

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Simon: In the big weekend of women’s soccer, the deadline for the baseball trade is approaching, and the US government makes an offer to take Britney Griner and another American home. Howard Bryant of Meadowlark Media will join us.

Good morning Howard.

Howard Bryant: Good morning Scott. How are you?

Simon: I’m fine, thank you. Women’s soccer has his two finals with four teams this weekend, all undefeated. Tonight at 8pm, Colombia will face Brazil in the South American Championship. And tomorrow at noon, England v Germany in the European Championship. These are two of his games that are potentially good.

Bryant: Right. And if they follow the right path, they can get great satisfaction. On the one hand, both Brazil and England will be at home. And they will each be raucous home crowds – but very different matchups. Brazil and Colombia will face off in the Copa Femenina. Colombia has never beaten Brazil with her 0-8-1. And even then, Brazil were the dominant and dominant team there. Legendary names, all – would be a great opportunity for them to show dominance and for Colombia to somehow break through.

And on the one hand, it’s the opposite. Everyone in England was waiting…

Simon: Yeah.

Bryant: …a man or a woman wins. And no national team has been made since his 1966 World Cup, when England beat West Germany her 4-2. So you’ve had a very close relationship with England so far. They lost to Holland in 2019. That’s all. they are at home they are favorites. they came They had a tough one against Spain. And beat Sweden in the semi-finals. And this is it for them. It’s going to be a tough matchup. Both teams are playing great. They are playing against Germany. Neither have given up much. Actually, I’m scoring one goal at a time. And this will be this. This is their moment. So we’ll see if England can end the wait or if Brazil can maintain their dominance.

Simon: The trade deadline for Major League Baseball is Tuesday. Teams try to improve themselves. fan…

Bryant: I don’t know. Scott, what do you know? When I was thinking about the deal deadline, I was thinking of you, so…

Simon: Yes.

Bryant: …you know, the last time we negotiated with NPR, we turned down the 15-year, $400 million deal they offered. Just like Juan…

Simon: Insulted. I have been insulted, Howard.

Bryant: (laughs).

Simon: Yes. Juan Soto turned down $440 million. His agent said he was worth $500 million. Of course, agents have about $50 million in their pockets. what are you looking for?

Bryant: Well, I think it’s a big deal. In short, Juan Soto was a generational talent. He won his World Series with the Nationals in 2019. Clearly, he has only one way to turn down the $400 million contract. And that’s — you know over $401 million awaits you. And clearly, the New York Yankees want Soto, the Dodgers. Some of these teams would actually be willing to pay that kind of money – or the Padres or whoever. Or maybe just trade him and he will become a free agent. Do you know?

However, the Nationals plan to make another offer if they haven’t already. And they said they would basically move him to the August 2nd trade deadline if he didn’t accept it. We know things are going to be really shaken up as we get one of the best players in the league for a run.

Simon: And finally, Britney Griner – still on trial in Russia, the U.S. government has offered a deal to take her and Paul Whelan in exchange – and – well, we’re the first in this deal. There may be more than you thought.

Bryant: Well, there may be others. And now at least negotiations are taking place. At least you know that negotiations are taking place. We’re still awaiting her verdict, so I’m not quite sure how it will play out – the trial ends next week, August 5th. . And we’ll see what the US and Russia end up negotiating. But we’re getting closer to some kind of resolution here.

SIMON: Many thanks to Howard Bryant from Meadowlark Media. Please speak soon.

Bryant: Thank you Scott.


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