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West Middlesex, Pennsylvania’s Ed White (left) receives the autograph of Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins (right) during the 2022 Little League World Series in South Williamsport. October 20, 2022 Dave Kennedy/Sun Gazette

Baseball Hall of Famer Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins hosted a handshake event at the Little League World Series on Saturday afternoon. “Grassroots Baseball: Route 66”

“I met quite a few people today, mostly baseball fans.” Jenkins said.

As he finished, the first Canadian Hall of Famer greeted Team Canada and threw the first pitch for the Midwest vs. Northwest.

“Grassroots Baseball Route 66” More than 250 photos by photographer Jean Fruth. Jenkins and Fruth were joined by former Baseball Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson, who asked Jenkins to sign.

This book contains “Amateur game intertwined with poignant imagery of Americana” Fruth said, it’s mostly a collection. “Great essay.” Each chapter in this book is a different state represented by Hall of Famers and retired legends who began performing in both small towns and big cities. Near the start of Route 66 is Wrigley Field, where Jenkins pitched his game home to the Cubs.

“Fergie is a big supporter of grassroots baseball.” Furt said. “That’s why he’s here today.”

Reed Accord stopped by a stand outside the Maine Little League gift shop where the book was available to get a signature. I wanted Jenkins’ signature on the copy.

“I like baseball pictures” He said. Reed pitched in his league at Upper He Loudoun in Purcellville, Virginia. The team lost the championship, but his father, Doug, accorded his coach to take half the team to South Williamsport to watch Little League play his Worlds series of games. .

Rex Parsons of Austin, Texas saw this as a chance to meet up with Facebook friend Fruth again. They met in San Francisco a few years ago after Fruth released the first book in the series “Grassroots Baseball: Where Legends Begin”

“I’m back to get my second book signed.” Parsons said.

“Grassroots Baseball Route 66” started right after the fluse ended “Grassroots Baseball: Where Legends Begin”

“I wanted to give back to my favorite game” Furt said.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America held camps and participants received new baseballs and gloves from sponsors. All proceeds from this book will go to Little League Baseball and Softball.

Fruth is also just starting work on her next book, which will tell the stories of women past, present, and future, both in and out of baseball.

Ed White brought his wife and kids from West Middlesex to the Little League World Series. He had just purchased the book and had the opportunity to flip through it and choose the photo he wanted to sign.

“(The photo) is pretty sweet.” White said.

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