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Book Talk: Beat the Chill with an End-of-Summer Mystery | Education

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Mysteries are the most popular genre of books on loan at most libraries. One reason is that there are so many subgenres, allowing for a wide range of reading tastes. From noir to cozy, thriller to historical, most readers can find a mystery that suits them.

The books reviewed here represent many of the subgenres. For me, it was all fun!

Don Winslow, shown in 2019, city ​​of fireinspired by stories of Irish and Italians fighting for control of organized crime Iliad.

6:20 man

6:20 man

By David Baldacci, Grand Central Publishing, 2022, 420 pages, $29.

'The Lies I Tell' by Julie Clark

The Rise I Tell

By Julie Clark, Sourcebook/Landmark, 2022, 301 pages, $27.99.