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Bob Cawwood's Run: Annapolis 10 Mile Run Returns After 2-Year Break, Brings Over 3,000 Attendees

The 47th Annual Annapolis 10 Mile Run took place last Sunday, drawing more than 3,000 registrants after a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Organized by the all-volunteer, non-profit Annapolis Striders, this traditional race has made a seamless comeback. Despite somewhat harsh conditions, 2,429 entrants completed the race, joining the ranks of those who overcame the heat, hills and humidity of his August in Annapolis.

At first glance, this is a foot race, but as the runners and volunteers say, it’s more than just a race. The Annapolis 10 Mile Run is a rite of passage that welcomes generations of runners, volunteers and spectators to the event.

For nearly 50 years, the race has provided clear evidence of the cohesion of communities in the Annapolis area.

The race starts and ends at the Navy and Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, taking runners on a tour of Annapolis. Runners follow a course from the stadium to Church Circle and down Main Street to see the City Docks. Afterwards, head to the Naval Academy Bridge via King George Street and explore the area around the Ferry Farm and Pendennis Mount before crossing the bridge and finishing right by the Blue Angel on display at the stadium.

It’s a race where runners think it’s going to be easy after the first few miles. But the descent of Main Street and the shade of King George Street give way to the reality of him climbing a hundred feet up the Naval Academy bridge in the rolling hills and damp sunshine of the Ferry Farm area. .

Runners are given plenty of opportunities to hydrate, and spectators come out to set up their own aid stations as well as make full use of the hoses and sprinklers. Still, being on Mile 8 and looking up at the bridge from the base of the WWII Memorial is daunting.

It’s a race where you start off on a sustainable pace for the first few miles and then profit when you cross the bridge a second time and see the stadium lights in the distance.

Given the expected weather conditions, one might wonder why the Annapolis 10 Mile Run is held at the end of August. Here’s a simple reason: This will be used as a gauge for position in the fall marathon.

If you can run a hard 10-mile run in Annapolis in August, you’ll be ready to run a 26.2-mile marathon in the cool fall. The 2022 race is honored to be designated a “State Championship” by the Road Runners Club of America.

The event began with a traditional blessing to the runners and spectators by the pastor of the United Calvary Methodist Church and the national anthem by opera tenor Michael Butler.

At 6:55 a.m., a group of athletes in wheelchairs trained to compete in mainstream running events and wingmen from athletes serving athletes exit before the main field, which starts five minutes later I was forced to

This year’s race was a close five-mile race, with front-runners Samuel Dowd, Tyler Mews, Daniel Nully and Christopher Sloan trailing by seconds after 26 minutes.

The battle to the end was won by Washington DC’s Doud in a time of 53 minutes. This is 5:18 per mile. Muse (53:45) and Nally (53:53) battled for his second place.

On the women’s team, Julia Roman Duval of Colombia won the Annapolis 10-mile run for the fifth time in a time of 1:00:36 (6:04/mile), ahead of Laurel Lemoigne (1:02:29) and Silvia. I broke it. Barge (1:02:51). 2019 saw Roman-Duval win with his 57:50 on a much cooler and less humid day.

Several special prizes will be awarded after the race. The Willie McCool Award recognizes the Naval Academy’s top finishers each year. It is named after former Naval Academy cross-country runner Commander Willie McCool, who died in the Columbia space shuttle explosion.

This year’s winner was John Bowers, former member of the Navy’s cross-country team and Class of 2022, who finished in 55:01.

Nicole Dawson won the Pat O’Brien Award for top female finisher in Anne Arundel County with a time of 1:09:30 and Luke Turmolshuizen won the Ben Moore Award for finishing in 56:05. did.

Moore has been a longtime member of the Annapolis Striders and has trained many to run their first marathon.

Proceeds from the race will support the Annapolis Striders to the Anne Arundel Medical Center, Maryland Hall, Lighthouse, Scenic Rivers Land Trust, Orphan Grain Train, Annapolis Opera, Travis Mannion Foundation, Athletes Serving Athletes, Historic Annapolis, Annapolis Maritime Museum, Girls of the Run and Run to Honor.

What happened last Sunday morning was a showcase for Annapolis and this community event. There is something special about races that seek only to be part of the fabric of the community and allow everyone who wants to participate, regardless of their role, to showcase their talents.

The Annapolis 10 Mile Run is such a race, one that transcends the usual box score analysis for another purpose and lives in a community that can come together for a single cause that is a legitimate source of civic pride. It emphasizes the truism that

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