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Blue Angels, Xtreme Decathlon Airplane on Entertainment Set at Cleveland National Air Show - News-Herald

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World-renowned aerobatic instructor and air show performer Greg Koontz remembers the moment his passion for the future of flying solidified.

“I was seven years old and my dad took me to an air show in Alabama,” said Koontz. “It was 1960. I saw them fly. One was his Bevo Howard, and his plane is hanging upside down at the Smithsonian Museum in Dulles (the international airport in Washington, DC).

“After the flight, he was standing next to the plane greeting the crowd. is.”

Now inspiring 7-year-olds and families at large, Koontz, the Xtreme Decathlon airplane, will be one of many attractions at the 2022 Cleveland National Air Show, September 3-5 at Burke Lakefront Airport. increase.

Koontz began flying air shows in 1974 and, despite having flown over 25,000 hours in 165 different aircraft, the pilot is set to make his annual Cleveland debut.

“I’ve heard a lot about the Cleveland National Air Show,” Koontz said. “I know it’s an old racetrack and a very historic place.