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BioShock Movie Lands billion dollar blockbuster director

James Brizuela | Published

bioshock joins the list of video game adaptations targeted by filmmakers.These new live-action properties are starting to gain a lot of popularity after the success of both Sonic the hedgehog movies and latest unknown announcement bioshock The film isn’t the only exciting part of the film, as Francis Lawrence has been tapped to direct the film for Netflix, with Michael Green reportedly adapting the script. That’s a huge talent, as he’s famous for directing the movie and the upcoming prequel.

Reportedly, Lawrence will handle directorial duties Songbird and Snake Balladand once he’s done with it, he can jump right into the pre-production stage bioshockDuring the filming of the Hunger Games prequel, Michael Green will be writing the script.Green famously wrote Logan, Blade Runner 2049When jungle cruiseBoth men have had to create highly successful adaptations and their resumes speak for themselves. We were pretty skeptical until we saw the name given to this adaptation.

bioshock is one of the most beloved game franchises since the first game was released in 2007. bioshock 2 When bioshock infiniteThe franchise has sold over 39 million copies of original releases, re-releases and remastered bundles. Sci-fi first-person shooters gained a lot of notoriety when all other games focused solely on multiplayer. bioshock We chose to focus more on the action revolving around the epic story.

bioshock It follows a man named Jack who crashes into the sea. He swims to the lighthouse, where he discovers the city of Rapture. This underground city was created by Andrew Ryan in the 1940s. Ryan was obsessed with creating a utopia for the elite. However, a new compound called ADAM was discovered from a type of sea slug that lives on the sea floor. This new compound leads to the Citizen of the Rapture using it to alter his DNA. Naturally, chaos ensues, and Ryan cuts this underground city off from society. When Jack encounters the Little Sisters, who are possessed by a sea slug, he becomes a prisoner of Rapture. They are heavily guarded by a large ocean-like figure called Big Daddy, armed with a power drill.Jack has the ability to drain his ADAM of Little His Sisters or help them get rid of the slugs. , you can choose to turn it back into a child again. As you can see, the story should get pretty wild and make for a pretty interesting movie plot.

shooting of Songbird and Snake Ballad is in progress and the movie has a release date of November 17, 2023.So Francis Lawrence will be busy for the time being, but we get to see this new bioshock Adaptation is expected in late 2024 or early 2025. The hope seems to come sooner or later, but we can patiently wait to see what kind of plot will be pulled from this wild sci-fi video game.