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25 years ago — 1997

Sept. 1 — The Indiana Carp Club, part of a national chain, formed last month for enthusiasts of colorful and exotic fish. They put on a premier event and will be hosting tours of several private water gardens featuring koi in the Anderson and Pendleton area on September 14th. Dr. Kenneth Lau, who has been raising his own Koi for three years. “It’s a great stress reliever.”

Sept. 3 — The Community Justice Center hopes Nicoll Avenue businesses will bring employment opportunities to residents of the new Women’s Work Release Center. The 2301 Nichol Ave. building will open Thursday, she said, CJC Executive Director Margaret Dodd. Two women are soon moved to Madison County’s first women’s liberation facility. “It’s just a pilot project,” she says Dodd. “It depends on the funding and referrals.”

50 Years Ago — 1972

September 1 — The Horseshoe, Indiana tournament takes place this weekend on the courts of Fairview Park. The headliners are here for the men’s top-tier competition on Monday. Pitchers include long-time champion Kurt Day, his son Paul Day, young Mark Saybolt, and Chet Leal.

SEPTEMBER 5 — About 15 pounds of marijuana, reportedly worth about $4,400 in “market value,” was seized in an Anderson police drug raid on Jackson Street, police said. Chief Narcotics Officer Leo Adams said a 27-year-old Anderson man and his 20-year-old girlfriend are facing preliminary charges for possession of marijuana. Adams said police monitored the residence for several weeks before obtaining a search warrant.

100 Years Ago — 1922

Sept. 2 — The timely discovery of a fire at a paper warehouse on First and Delaware streets at the Beaver Board Mill probably saved the entire plant from destruction. The flames had reached one of the building’s walls and were advancing when they were discovered. Headquarters and Hose Company No. 4 responded and quickly quelled the blaze, but thousands of gallons of water were thrown at the smoldering paper. From 75 bales he ruined 100 bales of mixed paper.

Sept. 5 — The Madison County Teachers’ Annual Institute of Public Schools was held Monday at Central Christ Church, with 255 teachers enrolled. It was presided over by County Superintendent Jefferson C. House. His SC Schumaker in the Department of Biology at the State Normal School of Westchester, Pennsylvania, was a featured speaker. He made an interesting discussion about the “unnecessary fears” associated with reptilian life.

from the 1800s

September 8, 1896 — The second annual Labor Day celebration of Indiana’s organized workers was held yesterday in Anderson with remarkable success. Visitors to the city were about 5000 people. Special trains arrived from Elwood, Alexandria, Muncie, and Indianapolis, and more than 2,000 people attended the festivities.

September 15, 1896 — Joseph Dickey, a veteran soldier and a household name in town, received a pension of $10 a month and $453 in arrears. Dickie was a worthless man, and he had a good amount in his cup, and his comrades treated him so that the money given to him for his patriotic service in the Union Army would not be wasted. MJ Costello assumed responsibility as Dickie’s guardian.

Compiled by Elmore Hammes for The Herald Bulletin