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Accuser's mother: R. Kelly's threats made her life fearful | Entertainment

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CHICAGO (AP) — The mother of her daughter, whose prosecutors allege R. Kelly was sexually abused since she was 14 years old, was named on a jury Monday in the singer’s federal trial, 20 years ago by a state grand jury. said he lied to Kelly feared for their lives if they told the truth.

The mother, who used the pseudonym “Susan,” told the court in Chicago how she, her husband, and Kelly were when confronted in court over whether their parents were abusing the Grammy winner at a hotel in the early 2000s. They explained how they were crying to their daughter. She testified that they were surprised when Kelly told them, “Are you for or against us?”

She said she took these words to mean, “If we don’t do what they want us to do, they’ll hurt us.” She testified that she had lied about her daughter not appearing in child pornography videos and that she had to leave the country in a matter of weeks.

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