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Abbey will read the Yellow Pages one last time before opting out completely.

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I, Abby Roy, feel it is my responsibility as a journalist and chronicler of events for posterity to document the end of an era.

Calm down guys, I didn’t quit, but I stopped receiving phone books, which might make me a little sad.

Context: For those under the age saved by Bell and compact discs, the telephone directory (n; archaic) was once Encyclopedia dictionary textbook A huge anthology of phone numbers that can be used as a resource for contacting friends and businesses.

At the time, sometime between Smoke Signal and TikTok, families had phones mounted on walls or on kitchen counters. If you want to get in touch with someone, you twist a code on the wall-mounted phone and he dials a seven-digit number. If I didn’t know the number, I would have had to look it up in the phone book.