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A local entrepreneur who made rapid progress in the information business

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D. Ray Smith

When former local information technology company founder Bonnie Carroll started working as a librarian in the information business in 1971, there were no personal computers, no Internet, no World Wide Web. As she puts it, “If you were Rip Van Winkle and you fell asleep in the late 1960s and woke up, you would realize how much the world has changed in 50 years.”

In a recent talk by Carolyn Krause, Carol looked back on the history of the scientific and technical information (STI) business over the past half century. STI is defined as “a set of facts, analyzes and conclusions, both fundamental and applied, derived from scientific, technical and related engineering research and development efforts”.


“I don’t think President Barack Obama’s administration gets enough credit for how it has changed the world of science and the world of data,” said founder of former local firm Information International Associates (IIa). Bonnie Carroll, author, said in a recent speech. To Friends of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (FORNL).