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2024 MBA Class Introduction: Gabby Stone, University of Texas (McCombs)

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“Dedicated and team player who champions social progress and aims to leave a better world for future generations.”

home town: San Diego, California

Facts about yourself: I played in the professional Spanish water polo league and lived for a year in the small town of Mataro, near Barcelona.


Stanford University:

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies, Minor in Psychology

Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies

Recent Employers and Positions: Bluetech Inc.; Marketing Associate

What makes Austin a great place to get an MBA? Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Its growth fosters innovative thinking when working on business tactics and future strategies. At the confluence of industry growth and Longhorn collaboration, his MBA offers a unique opportunity to see the big picture when analyzing the current business landscape.

As for Austin as a whole, I fell in love with the vibrancy of the city. A music scene, outdoor activities, great restaurants and a welcoming culture create an exciting and energetic atmosphere.

Classmates and location aside, what was the important part of the MBA program at Texas McCombs that led you to choose this business school, and why was it important? World-class academics and a flexible curriculum, along with a strong alumni network, have inspired me to pursue the McCombs MBA. My sister, Sally Stone ’14, is a graduate of her MBA at McComs and has seen first-hand the far-reaching influence of Longhorn across the business landscape. McCombs’ community-focused emphasis was evident during his student days and continues after graduation across the country and industry. I made it a priority to apply to schools that continued to foster personal and professional growth throughout my career. Next, I plan to continue the legacy by giving back to the Longhorn family as a fellow alum in the future.

What course, club or activity excites you the most at Texas McCombs? I am excited to join the MBA+ program which consists of micro-consulting group projects for client companies such as Dell, Deloitte and Whole Foods Market. Participating in this project during the fall semester of your first year is a great opportunity to gain practical experience that you can apply to interviews for summer internships. As I plan to transition my career from marketing to consulting, participating in this experiential learning program will help me fill gaps in my professional experience and gain hands-on knowledge with potential employers. It is a very valuable way to acquire

What was your first impression of the McCombs MBA students and alumni you’ve met so far? Tell us your best McCombs story to date. From the moment I entered Rolling Hall, I felt the positive energy and excitement from my classmates and alumni. McCombs’ reputation for community and collaboration were the qualities that drew me to the program, and the warmth and togetherness I felt from day one exceeded my expectations. With a class of students from all over the world, I have valued learning from the diverse professional and cultural backgrounds of others. One of my favorite activities so far was the storytelling event during orientation. To avoid the standard small talk, classmates share deeply personal stories that demonstrate their unique passions and values. The event provided a safe environment for students to get personal and allowed the class to bond faster.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your career so far? Most of my professional career was spent playing on the water for Team USA. Although unconventional, my water polo experience has taught me valuable skills that are essential to his leader in a successful business. Resilience through hardship, learning how to listen to teammates empathetically, and create effective game plans with people with different perspectives were fostered in this high-risk environment.

One of my achievements was being the starting goalkeeper who led USA Water Polo to victory at the FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, and served as a reliable backbone of the team’s defense. Although I fell short of my ultimate goal of winning an Olympic gold medal, I consider my extensive career in water polo to be the success that drives me in the business world. From successfully transitioning into a marketing position at Blue Tech Inc. to securing a spot in his McCombs class for 2024, I look forward to seeing what happens in my professional journey.

What have you read, seen, or heard recently that you would strongly recommend to an aspiring MBA? Why? I listen to NPR’s Planet Money and highly recommend this podcast, especially to anyone pursuing an MBA with a background in the humanities or liberal arts. The host explains economic concepts through the lens of humorous storytelling, making seemingly complex financial theory accessible to listeners regardless of prior knowledge. For example, I recently listened to an episode called “Investing in Mediocrity,” where the host interviewed former bond manager Ben Trosky about his counterintuitive but successful theory of investing in low-risk, low-reward junk bonds. . Personally, as someone who gravitated toward humanities-based classes during college, this podcast helped me develop some financial insight and find enjoyment in learning about these quantitative topics.

What advice would you give to potential applicants to help them get into Texas McCombs’ MBA program? My best advice to potential applicants when applying to McCombs is to be yourself. Admissions teams want authenticity, not perfect stories. Embrace your weaknesses and tell them how those flaws made you who you are today and how they give you a unique perspective.

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