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10 ways Naruto got better from the first episode

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Since its debut in 2001, when it comes The anime has established itself as a modern shonen classic alongside its friendly rivals bleaching When one pieceOver the years, all three series have evolved, expanded and challenged audiences in different ways.

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of when it comes The franchise simply got better over time, not just because of the merchandising. when it comes I did a lot of great things I never dreamed of doing in the first few episodes.All anime fans who are committed to when it comes Rich rewards are given as the series progresses.

Ten Improved animation

All the “Big 3” anime have improved in this regard over time, as they were released at the turn of the 2000s when anime were typically full screen instead of HD. These early 2000s visuals of his were later supplanted by widescreen HD visuals, making them more appealing to modern anime viewers.

quick when it comes The episode looks a little awkward and ambiguous in comparison afterward Shippuden episode, and it’s all due to ever-evolving animation techniques and ever-larger budgets. Attack on Titan Also demon slayerlevel, but close.

9 Naruto anime has done some great world building

Some anime series do much more world-building than others, establishing the geography, geopolitical landscape, culture, and history of fictional settings. probably, one piece This will do its best, but when it comes Not too late. There are some maps in the anime that are definitely worth a look.

of when it comes The anime has steadily expanded the scope and depth of its world since the series began, and the world-building continued in subsequent arcs. Eventually, the heroes also visited an exotic country known as the Iron Land.

8 Naruto begins exploring deeper themes

From the beginning, when it comes The anime explored the personal themes of overcoming hardships and believing in yourself, an essential theme in any shōnen anime.then when it comes Anime later explored broader themes that concerned not just one person, but the world at large.

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The most famous are when it comes The anime dived into the cycle of revenge, bloodshed, and hate. This is a philosophy that is deeply related to the real world and its history. This deep and meaningful theme was explored in a compelling and easily digestible way, making its message perfectly clear.

7 naruto got more mentors

In the early days, protagonist Naruto Uzumaki had Iruma Unno as his mentor at the Ninja Academy, and later acquired Kakashi Hatake as another teacher and coach. At some point, however, Kakashi began to focus more on Sasuke, and Toad Sage Jiraiya took over.

Jiraiya is like Naruto’s adoptive father, and it was moving to see them grow closer as students, teachers, and friends. This was something Naruto needed all along, and it was nice to see Naruto become someone’s foster child.

6 Anime started killing more characters

Even if anime fans miss their favorite characters killed off, it’s essential to the tension and stakes in the story. when it comes Start deleting characters.

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As time went on, more and more heroes and villains took their lives in all sorts of ways. Neji Hyuga famously died to protect Hinata, and Jiraiya died fighting Rokudou’s affliction. After that, characters like Nagato and Obito came just in time to give their lives to fight for what was right.

Five Combat system expanded

boy anime like when it comes, bleachingWhen magic battle From substitution jutsu and shuriken to basic kido spells and zanpakuto, things start slowly with the weakest and most basic combat moves. when it comes More techniques, more combat theory, and even more energy sources are added to the mix.

when it comes It worked, adding elements to the combat system on a regular basis without contradicting or overhauling it in the process. Fans loved seeing new moves like curse marks, sage mode, enhanced rasengan techniques, and summoning techniques.

Four Naruto developed its own politics

of when it comes The anime only makes broad and general references to real-world history and politics, such as chains of hatred. It has to do with issues within the universe such as old scars from history.

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Overall, this when it comes Adds interesting context to the anime, and to certain action scenes and dialogue. will be the summit of

3 Naruto’s power scaling was pretty smooth

almost all shonen anime, when it comes To my hero academia To fairy taleadding some power scaling and power creep to make combat more intense over time. It means using a lot of energy.

in some cases, when it comes‘s power scaling felt uneven, but overall it’s not too bad. In fact, the anime has done a great job of steadily adding power and jutsu to the series, especially for Naruto Uzumaki himself. I had enough time.

2 I felt that the main characters grew over time

As characters in anime grow, they maintain or even enhance their best qualities while overcoming their shortcomings and weaknesses. , should become responsible.

Naruto, in particular, has become more generous, more thoughtful, and less anxious over time. I overcame this and became a proper young man.

1 anime humor just got better

In the early stages, when it comes The humor in the anime is surprisingly crude and youthful, and at times I felt that the anime deserved better. beavis and butt head From Ninja Show. Many examples are too blatant to mention in detail, let alone fall into the category of “toilet humor” or worse. Rewatching can be uncomfortable.

The good news is that along with its main character, the anime’s humorous side has grown a bit. Up until that point, I hadn’t done anything particularly embarrassing.

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