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10 Movies That Don't Explain Their Weird Premises (According to Reddit)

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The criminally underrated Netflix stop-motion anthology film, The Housetells three unique and spooky stories that all take place in famous locations. But it never explained its strange premise, leaving some open questions about the house and its victims. It is not surprising that the title was included in the discussion of

From a dystopian comedy like lobster in psychedelic arthouse movies like mandy, there is no shortage of movies with bizarre premises that have caught the attention of Redditors. The fact that these movies don’t elaborate on that weird concept often makes them more interesting and worth watching at least once.

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Lobster (2015)

Streamable on Showtime.

lobster is a popular A24 movie set in a dystopian future where single people are arrested and sent to hotels. There, it takes exactly 45 days to find a suitable spouse. Those who do not succeed are transformed into their favorite animal and sent to the forest. This is all seen through David’s point of view as he struggles to find someone at the hotel.

User elSuavador suggests a zany movie in a threat about a movie with a “weird premise” that doesn’t “justify” the movie. Admittedly, it doesn’t really explain why the City enforces such strange and cruel rules, or why there’s so much pressure to always have a significant other in that version of the world. Hmm.

17 Again (2009)

You can stream it on HBO Max.

Mike O’Donnell, 37, believes he’s past his prime 17 againHis wife divorces him and two teenagers see him as a loser, so he spends a lot of time with his rich man’s best friend, Ned Gold. A strange encounter transforms him into a teenager and changes the trajectory of his life, giving him a second shot at a basketball career.

Redditor SpatuelaCat talks about how the film “never justified its scenario” and “threw in its characters”. There’s no logical explanation for the portal that kicks off Mike’s wild adventures, but it’s not necessary either.

Excuse me for disturbing you (2018)

Streamable on Netflix.

surrealist comedy movies sorry to bother you It follows telemarketer Cash Green, who is torn between his company’s work and his advocacy. He also struggles with his job until his colleague encourages him to use his “white voice”.

In a Reddit post asking for movie suggestions with a bizarre premise, DCBronzeAge said that users “seem to have more or less” the movie they’re looking for. While seemingly simple enough on the surface, the movie gets more and more ridiculous as Cash learns more about what his boss was doing behind closed doors. The film does not explain how the wealthy business man managed to carry out the barbaric experiments he has been secretly conducting on his people.

Yesterday (2019)

Available for rent on Apple TV.

Fan-favorite romcoms on Reddit yesterdaytells the story of Jack Malik, a struggling musician who finds himself in a unique situation. After getting into an accident during a 12-second global blackout, he wakes up in a world that doesn’t know who the Beatles are. He takes advantage of the situation and gains stardom by claiming their songs as his own.

User Jakek5 described how he “didn’t really try to explain what happened to him” when he was hit by a bus, and how a global blackout made it seem like he was transported to another universe. pointing out why. The film mainly focuses on Jack’s dilemma, forcing him to choose between love and career.

Swiss Army Man (2016)

Streamable on Showtime.

After being stranded on the island of swiss army man, Hank is about to give up all hope when a dead body washes up on the shore, changing his life. He forms an unconventional bond with a corpse named Manny and soon begins learning how to speak and use his strange talents to help Hank escape a dire situation.

Redditor DarksteelPenguin captures the film perfectly when describing it as “weird”. There’s no explanation as to why corpse Manny became intelligent or how he managed to move around with seemingly unlimited amounts of water.

We (2019)

Available for rent on Apple TV.

When Adelaide Wilson and her family head off on a vacation that should be relaxing wetheir quality time is interrupted by a vicious attack by a creepy doppelganger.

The reason for the doppelganger’s attack is initially a mystery, but Quantlan explains how the film “partially explains its bizarre premise, but added introductory text about the tunnels and just Tethered eating rabbits.” made things more pointless. As expected, this comment got some reactions from other Redditors. we I hid some details.

Bruce Almighty (2009)

Available for rent on Apple TV.

guts bust classic Bruce Almighty It revolves around the bizarre experience of TV reporter Bruce Nolan, who accuses God of not doing his job right. God responds in a dramatic way, allowing Bruce to take charge of spending time in his position, answering prayers, and using his powers responsibly.

The Redditor noted that its bizarre premise “doesn’t work when a movie has to spend time dumping information.” Because the audience had to accept that in that film world, God could do it to teach a man a lesson. The quirky movie is full of side-split moments that show Bruce enjoying his God-given abilities.

About Time (2013)

You can stream on Starz.

It is often considered one of the most romantic sci-fi movies. good times It focuses on Tim Lake’s relationship with his family and loved ones, but that changes drastically after he learns he has the ability to time travel. , choosing to focus on how Tim uses time travel to improve his life in a more thoughtful way than the sci-fi aspect.

That’s why Derashitaka considers it “a fine example of a high-concept romantic comedy where the magic isn’t really explained, it’s taken for granted.” After Tim’s dad explains to him this unique ability that the family has, they enjoy it and keep it a secret from the others.

Mandy (2018)

Stream on AMC+.

mandy is a horror arthouse film set in 1983, depicting a couple, Red Miller and Mandy Bloom. Tragedy strikes a peaceful life when Mandy stumbles upon a dangerous cult.

PunkandCannonballer, threatening about films with unexplained bizarre premises, noted that such kinds of films “are still out there”, mandy at their suggestion. The film’s psychedelic atmosphere and visuals certainly match up with more amazing and baffling moments that get more intense over the course of the film.

The House (2022)

Streamable on Netflix.

The House is a fascinating anthology film that tells three different stories that take place in famous locations. The story is incredibly bizarre, featuring characters such as anthropomorphic rats and dystopian future cats.

Redditor Crimson_Cape details how a “stop-motion animated film” offers a “very strange experience”. Because they don’t try to justify or explain why strange things are happening to the inhabitants of the house. Its unique plot deals with themes such as the consequences of greed and corruption, and the perils of an obsession with wealth and success.

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