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10 Cartoon Series That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead

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While the most popular comic book characters have been around for decades, the actual comic book titles are frequently revamped. Cartoon series tend to last much longer. Some argue that the manga series is too long. Fan service, publisher intervention, or the inability to wrap up previous arcs can cause the series to run longer. Occasionally succumb to arrogance and extend the title even after the high narrative has dried up.

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This issue can apply to many series throughout the manga.even the most successful manga Dragon Ball Also tokyo ghoul Not subject to unnecessary longevity. A short series can have a much more lasting impact than one that fans say was “too long.” The manga industry is not only an art medium, but also a business that continues to create products as long as they sell.

Ten dragon ball should have stopped after frieza

have many problems with Dragon BallNamek has undergone ridiculous power scaling, and characters have started to lose value as their scale increases. dragon ball super Some of this has been fixed, but much of it is still an issue Dragon Ball I have to admit.

The only bright side since Namek Dragon Ball This is the moment when Cell and Buu shine. Vegeta and Gohan went through tremendous character arcs in those stories, but Goku’s character hasn’t grown in years.DBZMoreChapter of Dragon Ball It feels very different from the world Toriyama first built.

9 The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland Towards the second half of the series there were problems. The ending of the series was a little disappointing. The problem started after the farm arc.the farm arc The Promised Neverland It’s so great that it can be raised as one of the best opening arcs in comics.

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The tension, plot progression and twists make for an incredibly engaging and tense arc roller coaster, so hard to understand. swirls into typical shonen clichés.

8 The Beasters had nowhere to go after Mystery

Beastars When the central plot point ended, it felt like a very unrelated series. The series and Legoshi seem to share the same confusion as the manga progresses.

Romance was the only thing The Beasters tried to touch on, but even that was lackluster. There was also little focus on the actual Beastar concept. A series with such a strong start had a lot of wasted potential.

7 Boruto Is Just Naruto Fanfiction

bolt, direct follow-up to when it comes, tapped into fan fiction ideas and nostalgia. The manga industry can sometimes be more focused on making money than making good stories, and no magazine does it better than Weekly Shonen Jump.

Jump is the biggest name in comics, but it has a history of pushing things for profit. So what would Jump do if one of their biggest series ended after 15 years? Create an up series. bolt It continues Naruto’s legacy, but it’s incredibly unnecessary. Naruto’s journey was already perfectly captured in his original series.

6 Terra Formars was serialized for 10 years

Many series began and ended their stories in the last decade. But there is one comic that I don’t want to put together. Terra Formars was a hit series about a humanoid cockroach that lived on Mars in the mid-2010s. The first arc focused on the team who first encountered the cockroaches.

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The second arc was about stopping cockroaches. continued. Terra Formars It had some neat ideas, but the interesting premise lost steam as the series entered its late arc.

Five Uzumaki was offensive to many readers

Uzumaki It has a strong initial volume. This seems to be the case with some of Junji Ito’s stories, but it doesn’t seem like it needs to linger. Uzumaki An example of that, as the series keeps repeating the same points and gets a little in the way with its content rather than adding to the narrative.

Appeals are good for some, Uzumakigimmicks start to wear off as the story becomes more parody, especially as the tone becomes more comical. Uzumaki was fine, but I’m annoyed by Junji Ito’s format. This is unique, but often busy and sporadic.

Four After Kevin Yamagata, Billy Butt had nowhere to go

Naoki Urasawa is one of the most acclaimed names in the manga world, and for many good reasons.A love letter called Pluto presents many extraordinary ideas and concepts like the series monster Recognized as a breakthrough in the industry, billy bat The first half was a golden egg.

but, billy bat I ran too much. Once the mystery was solved, the main arc was completed, and the story got a new protagonist with a new plot, it came off as underwhelming compared to what was initially presented. Because of that, I lost a lot of my footing.

3 Boom!blow away to banality

Boom! It was a typical survival battle royale manga. For many, it was their first experience with the genre and had a solid start. Boom!‘s story becomes more contrived as the story draws to a close.

For a monthly manga, the wait feels hostile because you don’t want the series to end. I’m here. Boom!The premise of was interesting, but nothing frustrates the reader more than unnecessarily stretching the plot.

2 UQ Holder shouldn’t have been a sequel to Negima

Magical Teacher Negima The series is nostalgic for many, especially given the Internet and manga boom of the early 2010s. Despite the disjointed animation adaptation, manga fans supported the series. Proven his ability to write a competent battle series with that in mind.

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UQ holder It shouldn’t have been a sequel. UQ holder could have easily been a love letter to Negimatakes place in the same universe, but has its own uniqueness and personality that it had in the first half. Negima Fumbling through the plot, most UQ holder cast.

1 Tokyo Ghoul:re was an unnecessary sequel

tokyo ghoul Not only did it end perfectly, the entire series is considered one of the greatest comics of all time. Tokyo Ghoul:re It was released with a lot of promise and many interesting ideas. The Quinque team was a logical evolution, with lots of charm and personality.

Problems started piling up following the events of the Coachella arc. Quink became less relevant to the plot, with dozens of new characters shoved into the audience’s face with each new arc, making the plot too contrived. tokyo ghoul may be considered a legendary manga, but its sequel had big shoes to fill and never materialized.

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