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10 book characters who are better than TV characters

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the ending of game of thrones For many, it was disappointing, especially how quickly heroes turned villains. However, the book is not finished. winter wind hopefully give you a better ending Asoiaf than the show. Many deviations from the book meant it didn’t do justice to some of the book’s main characters, but it was still a great show.

I hope the book better explains why Daenerys Targaryen annihilates the very cities her ancestors built and slaughters their people. Until Selmy, the show’s versions of some of the greatest characters in the books have failed to live up to expectations.

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Ten Catelyn Stark

The woman of Winterfell, who lives in both Riverrun and the Vale and whose politics are intolerant, is one of Westeros’ most shrewd women, according to the book. But the show reduced her to Ned Stark’s men and her weeping mother who relies on her prayers in her distress.

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In ASOIAF, Catelyn’s role expands beyond the Red Wedding, as her body is revived by Beric Dondarrion. The show perfectly cut out her role as Mrs. Stoneheart. That is, fans didn’t get to see a ruthless version of Mrs. Stark seeking justice by sword rather than from God.

9 Daenerys Targaryen

In ASIOIAF, Daenerys is a clever queen who tries to be diplomatic when facing enemies instead of burning them alive.She doesn’t require people to bend her knees or annihilate her. dance with dragonDaenerys proves to be a true diplomat and able to forge powerful alliances. Even marries Hizdar zo Lorak, whom she does not fancy.

She also worships Aegon, the Conqueror, and isn’t the type of queen who burns down entire cities for revenge. Even when she’s with dragons grown on Mereen, Daenerys always chooses diplomacy, fighting armies with swords rather than raining fire and blood. Then, hopefully, it’ll be set up better than the TV series’ sharp jumps.

8 Sel Barristan Selmy

It was sad when Westeros’ greatest sword was killed in the streets by a group of outlaws during a rebellion by the Sons of the Harpies. Barristan Selmy in the show was very different from the character in the book who scaled the ramparts and saved the Mad King from the entire army of Duskendale.

In the books, Barristan, who first introduces himself to Daenerys as Alstan, helps Daenerys win many battles, including entering the city through the sewers and taking over Mereen. dance with dragon Either way, his destiny is tied to the Mother of Dragons. He serves Daenerys as a trusted advisor, providing her with information about Westeros and her ancestors.

7 Euron Greyjoy

“I am the storm, master. The first and last storm.” Crow’s FeastThere is no way to redeem Euron Greyjoy. He’s a born outlaw and everything he does is savage and unpredictable, but the books make him a better villain than the show. I have visited almost all of the , only to be rivaled by Corlys Velaryon himself.

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Another thing the show missed was Euron’s dragonhorn, which could have been able to control Daenerys’ dragon. dance with dragonEuron would have been the biggest threat to Daenerys and her dragons.

6 Doran Martell

Whereas Oberyn Martell is the Viper who bites most of House Martell, Doran is the brain that makes plans. The show did not adequately cover the politics of the Dornish, which is far more meticulous than the simple assassination of Doran and the rise of the Suns that the show depicts.

In the books, Doran has the perfect plan on how to destroy the Lannisters and restore Targaryen rule in Westeros. He is also the only one with a network of spies that rivals Varys and escapes most of Cersei’s traps. In the book, he sends his son Quentin to Essos to unite with Daenerys to defeat Cersei. Despite his poor health, he is able to unite House Martell and the Sans Revolution never happens.

Five Nymeria

In the books, Stark’s children are all wargs and are all connected to wolves. You can feel yourself leading a pack of wolves through the woods. Only Ghost gets enough recognition on the show. The rest of the wolves are treated like pets.

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Nymeria is a major part of Arya’s character throughout the book, connecting through her to pull Catelyn Stark’s body from the river before Beric finds it and raises it. As if he were part of the House, he leads a huge pack of wolves in the Riverlands and continues to terrorize those who betrayed House Stark.

Four Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon is one of the least likeable characters in both the show and the books, but the show went a little too far.of Asoiafthe bastard battle has not happened yet, and Stannis has never had a member of his family burned by Melisandre. is kind enough to give

In the books, Stannis listens to Jon Snow and rallies several northern houses to support his cause and fight the Boltons. Stannis also did not ask Melisandre to kill his brother Renly, and in fact does not believe the Red Witch had anything to do with it. Allows Melisandre to incinerate several fringe characters in danger.

3 little finger

Peter Baelish is one of the smartest people in the world. Asoiaf, but he doesn’t go so far as to sell Sansa Stark to Ramsay and turn the Stark sisters against each other. In the show, Baelish’s cunning nature is mostly apparent, but in the books, it’s hard to tell where his loyalties really lie.

In the books, Baelish largely betrays the Stark family because Catelyn rejected him. Baelish only keeps Sansa in the Vale and plots to win her to the North diplomatically through her marriage to Sir Harold Harding. Baelish’s show of love and compassion is much more compelling in the book, fooling even Varys.

2 Valais

The show tried to accommodate the complex nature of Spiders, but it didn’t show how good Varys was AsoiafBarris is a master of disguise, and with his plump body and bald head, he can use a variety of disguises, such as woman, beggar, and drunkard, to hide in obscurity in the capital. The show only showed one personality of Varys, which is pretty obscure for spymasters.

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Varys in the books can twist his tongue and change his voice so much that people can’t recognize him when he’s in disguise. After betraying him, Daenerys wouldn’t have gone unnoticed, and Varys is also less susceptible to violence than she’s portrayed in the show. Some of his disguises directly carried out his plans, such as shooting Kevan Lannister with his crossbow.

1 Hal Dogo

Drogo is one of the characters Shaw has tried to match strongly with the books. The consummation of Drogo and Daenerys’ marriage was not a rough encounter.

In the book, Drogo informs Daenerys that he understands the word “no” and will not begin intimacy until Daenerys agrees. Drogo also mentions Daenerys for her bravery when dealing with the Bloodriders, an aspect of him that is not emphasized in the show. recognizes the achievements of

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