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10 anime villains who died peacefully

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In anime, the villain’s demise is usually epic, melodramatic, and brutal. But some villains die peacefully, which can even irritate heroes.

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Whether fulfilling their mission or recognizing a new nature in themselves, these antagonists died quite soundly, as if they weren’t villains to begin with. It makes it easier to understand if you were able to find solace at the end of your wicked life and if it was justified.

King Bradley was one of the most formidable adversaries. full metal alchemistEmbodying the sin of wrath itself, he challenged Ishval to battle and fought Scar with all his might. However, Scar puts Bradley’s existing injuries to good use and defeats him using two hands of alchemy.

Bradley died in a great puddle of his own blood, but found solace in the moonlight. Even Scar was offset about how happy he was with his death.

9 Nagato died with Jiraiya’s teachings in his heart (Naruto)

Having ravaged the Leaf and slaughtered its inhabitants, Nagato has done more damage than anyone else when it comes scoundrel. After his defeat, he is confronted with Jiraiya’s beliefs and asked where he got lost.

Eventually, Nagato realized the extent of his mistake and what he must do to rectify it. In the end, Nagato died at rest more than many other Akatsuki members, including Deidara and Kakuzu.

8 Meruem died with humanity (Hunter X Hunter)

Much of Meruem’s quest involved finding his humanity. hunter x hunters The most dynamic villain. He was poisoned by Netero and had only a few hours left to live. Empowered by the Imperial Guard, Meruem could easily take revenge by slaughtering Netero’s men and the entire city.

Instead, he chose to spend his final moments playing board games with Komugi. He found solace in existence. But his closeness to the girl ensured that she died with him.

7 Heathcliff is satisfied that the game is finally complete (Sword Art Online)

Heathcliff had one of the most compelling deaths Sword Art OnlineHaving built Aincrad as an authentic virtual experience, he consensually followed the same rules as everyone else. This means that if his character dies, his Nerve Gear will kill him in real life.

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He had a huge advantage when he fought Kirito on the 75th floor. Anyway, Heathcliff died contented to find that his game was mostly experienced and completed.

6 Kenny Ackerman died at his nephew’s company (Attack on Titan)

Despite being a materialistic and selfish man, Kenny’s death was one of the most poignant. Attack on Titan. Sticking to his own death with Death Grip, he used Rod Rice’s Titan Serum to consider a possible shifter at the very least.

However, as long as Levi was by his side, he didn’t want to get himself dirty. Instead, he spent his final moments answering his nephew’s questions.

Five Wamuu died with honor (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Wamuu was different jojo’s bizarre adventure A villain, because he wasn’t absurdly evil. On the contrary, he had a developed sense of honor for saving Joseph’s life on their first encounter.

Nevertheless, when Calus’ minions attacked Joseph and shouted to betray the terms of the battle, Wamuu used the last of his strength to protect his former foe. represented.

Four Gloxinia & Drol die after nominating their successors (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Dror and Gloxinia tested to ensure that King and Diane were worthy successors. They let them relive their lives and participate in the Ten Commandments to test if they would become villains. seven deadly sins.

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When King and Diane made different choices than themselves, the two evildoers imbued them with power, forcing them to switch sides. Together, Gloxinia and Droll subdued Chandler, but died in the process. rice field.

3 Nui who died giving power to his mistress (Kill la Kill)

Halimenyi was Ragyo’s most loyal subordinate. kill la killShe carried out the will of her mistress wherever she was called, and reveled in torment and murder. When the tide of battle began to turn against her Life Fiber, Nui sacrificed herself to protect Rakyo’s plan.

She died laughing. Her last strength was used to make life more difficult for Ryuko and Satsuki. I enjoyed it until

2 Esdeath died holding Paramore (Akame ga kill!)

A pseudo-romance between Esdeath and Tatsumi develops soon afterward. Akame ga slashes! I started. Although disproportionately one-sided, Tatsumi couldn’t help but admire Esdeath’s perseverance.

When the final battle broke out, Tatsumi lost his life saving hundreds of people from the Emperor’s Falling Colossus. Isolated from the world, she hugged Tatsumi’s corpse with love and remembered the time they spent together.

1 Obito died as a hero (Naruto)

It took a great deal of persuasion for Obito to switch sides. And Sasuke was unable to move due to the increasing intensity of gravity.

In an attempt to kill the youths, Kaguya placed two bone spears on each of them. Heroically, Obito intercepted both projectiles by his kamuy. When his body disintegrated, Obito couldn’t help but smiled at Naruto to fulfill a dream he couldn’t live personally. I made a good bid on

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